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What I Got for my Birthday...

Even though this is the classic blogger post, I'm pretty sure I've never writen anything like this before. I was actually pretty shocked when I got to this date in my blogging book and realised that I'd scheduled in a 'What I got for my birthday' because it's unlike me to think of something like that. However, I feel like some of you would actually like to read this, just to get some inspiration for your own birthday, or just random bits you'd like to treat yourself with...

-The biggest present that I got was my new phone! I've been a Samsung girl right from the start, however, I believe there are two types of android users: those who 100% adore their phone, and those who've always secretly wanted an iphone! Being the latter, I though that my birthday was the perfect occasion to change camps. My parents put toward and I used some savings to get this glorious girft! Mine's the gold 6s and I bought a glass screen protector just to be extra careful. My crocodile case was also a gift! It's by Skinnydip, to be completely classically instagrammable and I absoloutely love it! I'm so grateful for the camera quality and my new excessive use of emojis!

-A really nicely thought out present from my mum was a Yankee candle set. Our family have a running joke that my mum doesn't trust me to keep a candle in my room without accidentally setting myself on fire. I'm actually scared of fire so there's no way that I'd get close enough to become a human flame ball! Saying that, I can use a flame stick for just about long enough to light my apricot tea lights. I was also given this pink jar to put the candles in! It gives a really lovely light and casts some great shadows over my room.

- These little half moon earrings were a really nice addition to my collection, from my sister. I recently got my seconds done, so when I can remove the ones I got them pierced with, I'm going to put these in and pair them with a little star. I love the aesthetic of having coherent jewelry and I think that the vibe of having space theme is so beautiful. I'm actually yet to wear these because I'm waiting for the perfect occasion, but, rest assured that when the time comes, these will be a really lovely piece.

-My friends also got me some amazing things, so I'll start off with the makeup bits. I'd asked Chris for a blender, and she really got me one! Apparently she went for 'the bigger, the better' because this really is huge! I swear, I can get my face done in two taps now! I also asked for someone to get me my classic Burts Bees lip balm and Soph delivered! It smells minty and is kind of tingly, so if that's something you think you'd enjoy, I'd really recommend! My other friend got me two products that I've been wanting to try. First off, there's the Revolution 'Fast Base' foundation stick (in the shade F1). I use the concealer that goes with this and thought it was great, but it's amazing alongside the matching foundation! For £9 for both, its a huge bargain. Next up is this gorgeous NYX eye shadow. I'd heard great things about these NYX shimmer shadows and I was not disappointed! I wore this on my birthday night and it was super bendable and pigmented.

- I was also given these two books which I'm super excited to read. The first is of poetry and is 'the princess saves herelf in this one' by Amanda Lovelace. I gave Sophie 'Milk and Honey' for her birthday so she thought to give me an equally cute book for mine. Honestly, if you like things with 'I'm pretentious but in a subtle way' vibes, then this is definitely for you. Some of the pages are already folded over to go back to! The other book I got was, 'One of us is Lying'. It's been raved about so so so much online and I was actually going to pick a copy up after my birthday! The murder mystery/ coming of age premise sounds right up my street, so I'm looking forward to giving it a read.

-Classic girls gifts is a bit of Lush! I like to make sure that I've always got a bit of a haul under my bed, just so I'm ready for a rainy day! I got 'Cheer Up Buttercup' which I think has quite a strong citrusy smell. Lemons remind me of summer, so I think this will definitely be one to put a smile on my face. I also got 'Rocket Science'. I've used this once before, and thought it was so cool how it fizzed around the bath like a real rocket! It's so good for unlocking your inner child! Finally, I was given my absolute favourite: 'Dragon's Egg'! It's the best because at first, it's a white/cream (to look like an egg) but when you put it in the bath, it turns the water so many colours, which is meant to be like the dragon coming out!  

-Although I was given some more sentimental bits and pieces, the last things that I'm going to mention are socks! I love Topshop ankle socks and just think that they're so versatile. They look great with my Vans and mom jeans, but also fine with my Mary Janes and school uniform! My friend got me three pairs and they're all so cute. One is white, with rainbow stripes at the top; one pair is pink sparkle, with a lama on the sides; one is grey with different sea creatures. I'm so excited to put all of these on and add them to my weekly sock rotation!

So that's it! I am insanely grateful for anything I got and anyone who wished me a happy birthday. I'd just like to end with the cliched disclaimer that I was in no way trying to brag or show off with this post. I love reading things like this, and I'm hoping that you do too! Tell me in the comments all about the best gift that you've ever given/recieved. Have a great week x


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