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Why I Love Rom Coms...

I prefaced last week's post by saying that I loved romance films. Although I did manage to fill a whole post with tropes that I hate (to be honest, I recon I could fill another!), there are so many things about the genre that I absoloutely adore! That warm and fuzzy feeling that wraps around your heart when the couple finally get's together is irreplaceable. It's also a very good substitute to the feeling you'd get with your own S.O! Sometimes seeing all that love can be a bit bittersweet but I can see past that for the sheer joy of 'When Harry Met Sally', 'Pretty Woman' and 'Bridget Jones'.

Something that those three all have in common is the strong female protagonist. The power of Bridget could be called in to question however, I would like to go forth with the notion that she is- prepare for a huge statement- the most robust lead that a film has ever had. First of all, she has the an awful mother, yet still manages to be around her. I'm not sure how she does it because I definitely couldn't be around someone who wanted to be that in control of my life. If the maintenance of independence from Miss Jones doesn't show the hardiness of women in rom coms, there are so many other iconic characters who do! Cher in 'Clueless' proves that you can be stay popular, whilst being a good human; 'Bridesmaids' broke all moulds by following a group of female friends; true strength of character is portrayed by Jennifer Westfeldt in 'Kissing Jessica Stein', when the protagonist has to come out to her family. 

The different kinds of women shown in rom coms are all amazing and inspirational in their own way. If you're looking at the films through a slightly more jaded lens, you may just think that these females are 'props' within them, there purely for the man to fall in love. I think that's a stupid way to look at it, personally. Feminism is all about owning yourself and feeling able to embrace whatever you want to. So, does falling in love really go against any of those values? In all of my favourite films, the girls still maintain their integrity whilst having a much loved relationship!   

The next things that I really do love is that classic meeting moment! Usually, these will take place under some kind of strange circumstances: the kind of thing that would never happen in real  life. You know, the fire department in your small american town would be having a fundraiser and a quiet British writer would just so happen to be reporting on the matter. Things like that just don't go down that way! Real meetings happen after you swipe right, snap chat each other for a bit, and then hang out together in Costa for a bit, because it's a public location and you're still not sure if he's a weirdo. See, nobody's actually that worried about their saftey in rom coms. The british journalist would probably quote the quirky american's favourite band and that would be it... they'd be in love.

As well as this, the love is never unrequited! Do you ever have a brief conversation with someone and then pick a wedding date? Don't try to lie,everybody has done it! In almost all of those situations, you're not going to marry the person (they probably won't even remember your name the next day) so, although films only show half of the story, I just find it so cute when that happens. I'm not too sure why, but that cliche really strikes a chord with me! I think it gives me hope that one day, someone will find me so charismatic that they'll love me too. They'll want to snap my fingers in a jewellery box, and play the piano for me in a fancy hotel and- promise I'm not a gold digger, I just love 'Pretty Woman'- go to a polo game with me. All that will come, just because we share a nice common interest!

Throughout all of these reasons to love romance movies, one thing stands out as to why I do: the hope that they provide. That sounds like some kind of religious statement (I'd be down for worshiping rom coms, to be honest) but I think that they do make me more excited for the future. As my last post shows, I understand that 99% of the events in those films are completely ridiculous; a part of me thinks that the other 1% will come. Maybe that's too far to wish  for. However, if there's one thing that the films taught me, it's that sometimes, coincidences like that do just happen x


  1. You've managed to sum up rom-coms perfectly, El! I agree with you on both posts. Sometimes you can find love when you least expect it. Always have an open mind but of course, safety is key, so tell people who, where and when you're meeting someone!

    Sophie xx // One Unique

    1. I'm glad that you liked both of my posts! I feel like it can just pop up, even when you don't want it! And I completely agree with you, there x

  2. I totally agree with both your previous post and this one! All the factors that you point out are noticeable in books too, I think.

    Rachel |

    1. Glad that it's not just me who thinks about all of this. And I totally agree that these go back to books, too x

  3. I agree with this so much! I love rom-cons but sometimes they leave me feelings as if I’m gonna be alone forever. I think when your not looking for someone is when u find someone. Great post x

    1. I literally feel the same! It sucks always being the single friend, too! Hopefully someone will fly into our lives sometime soon xox


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