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Why I Hate Rom Coms...

Contrary to what the title would have you believe, romance is my favourite genre of film. I'd say that the first real rom com I watched was 'Pretty Woman' and my obsession had grown since then. However, no matter have much I adore them, I have some issues with the category. Pretty much everyone romance film includes one of these tropes; they wouldn't be a trope if they didn't!

First of all is rain. I have no problem with the weather: light drizzle is actually my favourite weather (I find it really therapeutic to see it bouncing off of an umbrella, okay?!?) but the rain you get in rom coms is next level. It's thunderstorm level of soak, yet nobody seems to have seen the forecast! Surely if that much rain was predicted, one of these people would be wearing a raincoat? It actually doesn't seem to have any kind of effect on the characters, so their lack of preparation isn't an issue. If I'm getting rained on I'm shivery, have stringy curls all over me, and mascara dripping down my face. The women in those films must have a ton of powder on because their foundation stays in place through anything, and they still look attractive enough to have that classic heavy rain kiss. 

Best friends in romance films have no other characteristic aside from 'best friend'. Their personality is 'best friend'; their career goal is 'professional best friend'; their boyfriend is either perfect, and understands the best friend's commitment to being a best friend or non-existent, because the best friend is even more single than the protagonist. It's unknown as to why they're single because it's unknown as to what they're really doing in life. As well as this, if there is some discernible quality about them, it's probably that they're 'quirky'. Which is definitely code for weird They're a bit of a manic pixie dream girl but in an unattractive way. 

Every morning for about six months, I would see the exact same man whilst walking to school. He was kind of weird -quirky?- and used to just rub his hand against bushes, so there was nothing romantic about him. Then, I was in town, and I saw him there too! I live in a city which is over 70 squared km wide, so the chance of the happening was very very slim: making it a real life chance meeting. That's the one time it's happened in over a decade worth of memories. Using that, I believe the amount of accidental encounters that happen in romcoms are absurd. There is no way that Harry and Sally actually would have bumped into each other that many times.  

Heathrow should also just be left to the planes. I don't want to see the overdone airport reunion, because it is stupid. I'd say that airports are one of the things that I hate the most about rom coms. Let's take 'Love Actually'. First off, it's so impossible that a twelve year old would be able to get past all of the security in an airport. How did he know which way to run? How did he know where all of the guards where? How did he run for that long? Secondly, Sam really should have been arrested. It's quite alarming that they just let him go because he was doing it for love. Bro, he's twelve. That boy does not know what love is! 

I'll stop bullying Sam (I feel like I've victimised him a bit!) and move on to anyone ho has ever been shown to catch another person. You know what I mean, the woman runs of the plane and the man- who's been in love with her the whole time- manages to catcher her smoothly as she flings herself at him. The amount of rehearsals that will have had to go into that are unreal! A few months ago, I decided to just run at my friend James and see what would happen. Bearing in mind there's a nine inch height difference and about 40kg weight difference, it should have been easy: or so the films would let us think. He caught me, but it was about the least smooth thing possible. Ever! So, Hollywood, stop lying to me. A 5'10 actress could not be caught by someone who is 6'1 without intense practice.

All in all, romantic films are setting you up to fail! In order to achieve a relationship, you'll have to shatter all of your cliched expectations. I've given up looking for the perfect cinematic romance... I'm fine indoors, with a named best friend, keeping my feet firmly on the ground! x 


  1. Loved this post and I totally agree with everything you say! Xx

  2. Haha, I'm in a love-hate relationship with rom-coms! You've described them perfectly. I mean, I always carry an umbrella - what kind of person isn't prepared for torrential rain?

    Sophie xx // One Unique


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