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Red Carpet Reaction: Kid's Choice Awards...

This is the kind of post that I've wanted to write for the longest time! Fashion had interested me for a while (although looking at me, you probably couldn't tell!) so I think it's nice that I'm making this content to reflect it. Red carpet reaction posts are always some of my favourites to read, purely because I love finding out people's opinions. I thought that I would react to what everyone was wearing but do it with a friend, to add a twist to the classic idea. I managed to persuade Mel- my longtime best friend- to talk through some of our reactions together, so I hope you enjoy this! 

Skai Jackson

"I like that, minus the pineapple." "I think the pineapple makes it ugly. To be honest, Skai Jackson is a bit of a Queen, though, so I can forgive it." "I like the sort of, oriental print. And the heels because they're orange and you know I love orange." "Yeah, you do. She's turning sixteen on the 8th, you know?" "She does not look as old as me!" "It's the pineapple doing it, isn't it?" "I like the hoops, the heels and the jumpsuit: just not the pineapple!"

Jenna Ortega

"Who is that?" "I do not have a clue. Who is it?" "I don't know who that is! I think her hair looks nice." "I like her name." "Her name?!? *laughs for far too long*" "I like her name, I like her face and I like her hair, but that's it." "I think it would be nice if it didn't have the top bit going on. Is she wearing an arm band? It's awful." "I don't like any of it. I like the idea of the slit in the skirt but only because it's like my prom dress." "Was it not executed well here, then?" "No. It would have been better going higher up." "But it's the 'Kid's Choice Awards' you can't have a massive slit. It has to be child friendly. I wonder what shoes she's wearing?" "Well we can't see them. It's just a mystery!" 

Daniella Perkins

"Oooh that's not nice!" "I like it." "It's such a weird shape." "I feel like it doesn't fit her arms properly. Like, it shouldn't be like that but I like the colour-" "Are you joking?" "-no! I love the colour! And those shoes! I'm just not too sure on the shoulder shape." "There's not a part of that which I do like." "She's pretty though?" "Yeah, course she is!"

Yara Shahidi

"See, I don't know who this is either!" "I don't know who any of these are." "Maybe we're just behind the times? I don't know who the kids are!" "Just stop your crying it's the sign of the timesss-" "-right. "Okay. I don't like that. Well, I liked it at first, but then it gave me sheep vibes." "To be fair, I'd have liked it if it was a dress, but she's wearing shorts underneath it. I'm getting mixed signals." "It reminds me of pajamas. I like her shoes as well." "I just don't think it's a lewk, you know? I think she looks, hmm, interesting."

Rielle Downs

"I LOVE that!" "She looks amazing!" "That's really nice! I'm not a fan of all that arm band stuff, though. Hope it's not coming into fashion." "Are arm bands in this season?" "Oh God, I hope not!" "She looks like a robot Queen. You know? Like the Queen of the robots?" "I see that, yeah." "I think she's beautiful. 10/10! What would you give her?" "On her outfit or on her looks?" "Outfit." "I'd give it a 7. But I am quite harsh."  "That's decent from you!"

Storm Reid

"I like that." "Ooooh, I've got mixed opinions." "It's quite bright." "It looks like something from the 80s, but I like the 80s so I'm fine with it. I don't like her toes. Put the toes away." "I'd give the outfit a 6." "I'd give it a 5." "But I'd give her face and her hair a 9!" "Gwon! I think her toes just put me off."

Lizzy Greene

"Right, she looks like she's just won the WWE!" "She does. Also, she looks about eight. She might actually be eight though." "This is the Kids Choice Awards." "If she's eight, then it's alright." "No hate." "Exactly! But if she's more than 12, then some hate." "Let's google it. She's 14!" "That's borderline, that. I appreciate that she's not dressing older than her age. I feel like 14 is a tricky age." "Yeah, I would never have worn that, though. Actually..." "No." "I wouldn't have worn it with the WWE bit going on but-" "I wouldn't have worn it at all." 

Paris Berelc

"She is really fit." "I love what she's wearing! The shoes, I'm not so keen on." "I really love the shoes, but not with that." "I'd still wear it all." "I feel like it's not really what other people would be wearing to this event." "That's why I'd do it. To be a bit out there. The shoes, I've changed my mind on, I like. They go with the outfit because they make everything a bit more officey." "But you're at an awards ceremony, not an office!" "It would look better with an open toe. That's my favourite type of shoe at the moment." "Fashion tips with Mel!"

Sadie Sink

"Ehhh." "I like the idea of not wearing a dress, but I don't like that." "I was hoping that the closer I got to it, the better it would look, but no." "It is just awful." "It's a no." "Let's just move on." "Apparently she's on 'Stranger Things'. That outfit definitely is a strange thing! Damn, that was funny! Put it there!" "It wasn't worth a high five, El. Just a pity low five."

Kristen Bell  

"Awww Kristen Bell! She looks nice. But she is like 40 and this is the Kids Choice Awards, so go away!" "I don't like her suitcase. I don't mind the outift." "It's to carry her belongings. I bet she has her packed lunch in there!" "I don't like the suitcase."  "The skirt would look nice with a different top, to be fair." "I kind of like the top because it goes with the shoes, and I like the shoes." "You know rich mums who walk around M&S? That's what that outfit says to me." 

Jordyn Jones

"Jordyn Jones? Who are you?" "Hmm that's okay." "She's going for the early noughties pink hair. The whole vibe is very noughties, 2005." "I kind of do like the hair. I think I'd prefer the hair if she had brown hair, instead of blonde. That says more noughties, to me." "I'll take your word, you were alive for a bit more of it then me! Her knees look weird." "Do they?" "Yeah. But I'm okay with her bracelet because it's on her wrist and not like-" "-an arm band!" "Exactly! I like her little purse as well. I bet that's a hip flask. For later."

Ella Anderson

"I like that. It's green and you know how much I like green. I don't like the shoes though." "Ignoring the shoes..." "Minus the shoes, I like the dress and I like the idea." "I feel like it looks like a high end version of Rachel from 'Friends.'" "Oh, yeah." "Because they all wore slip dresses with turtle necks. I'm all about it. I think she looks phenomenal." "I like the green, but I wish it was more green than teal." "What are you talking about? That is green!" "That's alright then." 

Kat Graham

"What is that? It just says 'reach for the'. Where's the rest?" "I feel like it's implying something else *winks*" "I don't think it is! We're at the KCAs! She's probably just tucked in the extra word. It'll be stars or something." "I don't like it." "The shoes are a statement, but not with the rest of it." "I don't even like the shoes. I'm not a big fan of t-shirts. I like t-shirts in life-" "-but not on red carpets?" "I'd like them on a red carpet but I'm not a fan of massive slogan tshirts. I don't like cringey slogans. Embroidered and small is a slightly different story." "I'm all for embroidered t-shirts. I think you're focusing on the top when the skirt is the worst part." "Fair! I am just too distracted by the horrible t-shirt." "I'm really sorry Kat Graham!"

Jojo Siwa

"Okay next... oh my God it's Jojo!" "Can we skip this one?" "Bye Jojo!" "I can't, I can't! I don't want to put hate out there!"

Daniella Monet

"I like that." "I remember her from when we watched 'Victorious.'" "I never watched it." "Doesn't stop her looking great, though!" "True. I like the dress. I'll tell you why I love it: I'm a massive fan of Strictly and this gives me Charleston vibes." "Yeah I can imagine Darcy wearing it. I think Daniella looks best, from what we've seen so far." "She looks peng! Definitely best!" "She looks most fitting for the occasion." "Everyone else has looked more weird." "They've either been too casual or too much, but she's been just right!"

Liza Koshy

"Ooooh she is... oh my God she looks amazing! I love that! Mel! I LOVE that! Do you not love that? Like get rid of the bag, those two together makes such an outift! Oh God!" "I don't like it!" "You don't like it?" "No." "She is beautiful! What do you not like about that?" "She's pretty, I just don't like it." "What do you not like about it?" "I don't even know." "I think she looks fantastic, so..." "Fair enough. I can't tell. Maybe I do lik it. It's just the colour." "I love the colour." "It's not nice." "Right, we're moving on. You're opinion on this is upsetting me too much."

Laurie Hernandez

"I hate that." "She looks like one of the bridesmaids on 'Say yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids', but her dress wouldn't be chosen for the wedding day because it's too ugly." "I don't like it. Don't like her hair either. Also, I think her foundation is the wrong shade for her." "Like a James Charles situation? You know what I mean?" "Yeah, it kind of looks like that." "It's a no from me." "Yeah me too."

Caleb McLaughlin

"Hello, Caleb McLaughlin!" "I don't like that!" "I'd wear those trousers, to be fair. IS HE WEARING HILFIGER SHOES?!? I think he's wearing Tommy shoes!" "I think he's wearing a Tommy outfit!" "Is he in all Tommy?" "I hope so!" [Our English teacher is obsessed with Tommy Hilfiger, just so you know why we're so shook]. "Any who, Caleb McLaughlin, you've got vibes." "I don't like it, because I am against Mr Hilfiger!" "I think he looks really cool, I'd wear all of that, but not together." "I'd wear the shoes, but that's it." "Those shoes are so cool."

Grant Gustin

"Aww Grant Gustin! I had such a crush on him, like, three years ago!" "I don't know who he is, but he reminds me of a twelve year old who's trying to be cool, because he has two different colored shoe laces on, and a necklace." "When I was twelve, I did have multicoloured shoe laces!" "And I'm down for necklaces on men, but not massive long ones! And that's a bloody transfer t-shirt which I hate! And a flannel. I like flannels but he ruins it!" "I think his flannel is a weird length." "I don't care that much about his flannel... ugh I don't like the jeans either!" "I fell like everyone else on the carpet has made an effort and he couldn't even put a suit jacket on." "He couldn't even wear the same coloured trainers! I think he's fit, though." "He is fit, but he hasn't come through."

Patrick Shwarzenegger

"Is he wearing a boiler suit?" "I like that. I'm actually 100% down for that because, do you know what he reminds me of?" "Mario?" "No! 'An Officer and a Gentleman'! That sort of vibe and I like it. He also gives me that military vibe and I think military is very in right now." "Like John Cena?" "No." "I love John Cena!" "Any who, is he related to Arnold?" "I was wondering that but I don't know. Either way, it's an okay outfit. What would you give it out of ten?" "It's my favourite mens look. Just for 'An Officer and a Gentleman' and the fact that it's military but not too over the top, I'd give it an eight. Which is my highest score!" "I'd give it a five."

To sum it up...

"So what's been the best and worst?" "To be fair, I've forgotten every single one!" "Good good. I like that we're making memorable content." "I think Patrick was my favourite of the mens! I liked Ella's green dress. And Paris Berelc was my favourite!" "I liked the cropped salmon pink suit the best." "Oh, the weird thing? Yeah I know what you're on about." "Well, it's been nice." "It's been lovely. Your lips are very shiny?" "I put lip balm on." "When was that? Did you just sneak that on?" "This is irrelevant! People don't care about my lips! Will you do this again with me, some time?" "Course I will mate!" "Thanks for your appearance, Mel! It's been a time and a half!"

That's been our round up of the 2018 Kids Choice Awards! Tell me in the comments what your favourite look of the night was, and who you found most 'interesting!' Hope you're having a fantastic week x


  1. Omg this was such a good idea for a post and it was spot on, seems like it would be while good craic to do as well!

    1. Aww glad you agreed with me! And I love how irish you are! xox


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