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A Zillenial on the Seventies

The seventies was just iconic. It's the decade that birthed so many revolutionary people, songs and pieces of technology; I really think it deserves more recognition.Those ten years- in my mind- were always just an extension of the sixties, with nothing interesting actually happening. To me, everyone was still wearing brightly coloured two pieces and getting psychedelic. That, however, was not the case!

First off, the television and film industries were at the top of their game. To kick off the seventies, there was Don Vito Corleone 'making him an offer that he can't refuse'. '72 signaled a new arrival to the classic crime drama genre with 'The Godfather'. 'Charlie's Angel's' also 'jiggled' their way to television is 1976, bringing three of the most iconic poses of all time. Nobody can run in heels, be on speaker phone, or be with two other girls without making some kind of reference to those bikini wearing women!  The end of the decade held itself high too, bringing the start of (arguably) the biggest movie franchise of all time: 'Star Wars'. On the 25th of May 1977, Luke Skywalker burst on to our screens. Luke, along with Chewy, Han and Leia won the hearts of the nation and another nine more films. 

I was also under the impression that clothes in the seventies were very much the same as they were for the ten years prior. Simply put... I was wrong. The everyday colour palette went from bright yellows and pinks to very muted shades of brown. That was seen as a reaction to the vivid eye assault of the sixties. Another reaction was the new lengths of skirt. It seems like a minor thing, but going from mini to maxi would have been a huge change for women of the decade. To add to all of this variation, ladies started to go crazy in trousers! Undoubtedly one of the most popular way to slide a pair on was as part of the classic disco jumpsuits.

Women of the decade, like Donna Summers and Dianna Ross, were some of the big advocated for the piece. As well as that, their music embodied everything that disco first meant. It has surprising origins in underground gay clubs. They took it as a movement that meant anything goes and nothing counts when you're on the dance floor. Soon, mainstream clubs caught on to the trend, and everything disco hit the masses. At the pinnacle of it's popularity, the clubbing craze even got a film centered around it. The 1977 cult classic, 'Saturday Night Fever' has forever earned it's place in the cinematic hall of fame, for epitomsising the feeling which struck so many people in the seventies. 

A completely contrasting feeling making it's way around was anarchy! Punk was growing in New York and London from 1970 and only got bigger over time. The general moral of the punks was that anything main stream was bad. It was a no to politics, a no to obedience, a shocking no to disco and a definite no the flow. These anarchists were the people who solidly went against the grind... especially with fashions. Most of what they wore fit into two groups: distressed or leather! It could be said that a lot of their clothes looked like they were re-purposed from the 50s. Stealing the look of fifties rockers was a big thing, visible through the extremely pin covered leather jackets and leather all around (have I emphasised the leather enough?) Hair for punks also got pretty big, foreshadowing what was to come just ten short years later...

No matter who you sided with through the decade (politically it was probably James Callaghan) music was there for everybody. Bowie was to the seventies what 'The Beatles' were to the sixties, yet his sound was seen an acquired taste. He was a representative for glam rock and really broke through with his album 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars'. I sadly only got into Bowie's music after his death but I'm now one of many who appreciate his work and everything he gave to the world. A complete different style to Ziggy Stardust was Abba! The Swedish group formed in 1972, but got famous in the UK in 74' when they knew that their fate was to be with us! Massive rock bands were also formed through the decade: 'The Rolling Stones', 'AC/DC' and 'Led Zepplin' just to name a few.

So all in all, it was a decade of massive developments. The King met the President, 'The Life of Pablo' was just beginning, and people were learning more and more about Arnold Schwarzenegger's bicep in a feature length film. To kick it off, Mariah Carey entered the world and by the end, John Wayne had rode a horse (he was in cowboy films, right?) for the very last time. Attitudes were constantly changing and I'm pretty sure mine has, too. Let's hope the seventies remain as interesting as they have been to me! x


  1. I love all your posts on the different decades they are so interesting! My mum was born in the 70s and I love my Granny showing lots of photos from the time it was so different and cool! Xx

    1. Aww thanks, they're so fun to write! My mum grew up in the seventies as well, but most of her photos start from the 80s! All of the ones I've found from the seventies are so weird tolook at: it's strange to think that's what the world was like almost 50 years ago! xox

  2. Ahh I am in love with this series like actually in love! The way they are written to the content is just amaze!

    1. Awww that is so sweet! I love writing them too, but every post takes so long. They're definitely worth it though, if people are enjoying them xox


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