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A Zillenial on the Eighties...

Now, let's throw it back to the glorious year of 2004. Shrek 2 was hitting our screens, Jeremy Clarckson was hitting Piers Morgan in the face and Maria Julia Mantilla was being crowned 'Miss World' over in China. I, a bit closer to home, was enjoying the early years of life. However, across the sea 'Bowling for Soup' were releasing '1985': a bop that I would only come to appreciate about twelve years later. The song contains references to many pop-culture focal points that I have never understood... until now! It's time for me to explore the eighties! 

First off is 'Whitesnake'. For the past few years, I've thought that 'Whitesnake' was one person (a rapper or something? I don't know!) but it turns out that they're a band! The were a British hard rock band who rose to fame in the 80s, originally formed in 1977. Another band that I believed to be a single person was 'Blondie'. My friend recently went to see them, although it was songs like 'The Tide is High', 'Call Me' and 'Atomic' that shot them to fame in 1980. Disco had been massive during the decade before but it fell out of fashion at the start of the eighties. The reaction to that was the emerging of new genres like 'post disco' and 'dance-pop' which both sound wonderful! Fitting into those categories were: 'Wham', 'Duran Duran', 'Pet Shop Boys', 'Depeche Mode' and the iconic 'Queen!' Rock also maintained it's high: not only singles, but with hair too!

Hair was massive. I could leave it at that, to be honest! You'd all get what I mean, because that seems to be one of the most iconic feature of those years. As far as I can tell, 80s hair was split into two groups: the rockers and the Robin Sparkles. Rock hair was big and curly and their were some mullets going on. I hope you read that in a disgusted way because mullets are just an absoloute no. Big and curly, however, is just my hair! Saying that, I also think that I fall into the Robin Sparkles category. She's a fake Canadian pop-star who- even though she was (fictionally!) around in the 90s- had a very strong 80s look. Her hair was super fun... and incorporated a lot of scunchies! Just imagine Madonna in 'Desperately Seeking Susan'. I'm actually a massive fan of scrunchies, and can really see those vibes getting a bit of a revival.

Honestly, I think that a lot of fashion from that time is coming back. Although I'm not about to say that I think luminescent shell suits are a look- because they're not- some elements of the eighties are actually kind of cute. For example, mom jeans! I'm a big lover of them, just for every reason but I especially love them paired with a denim jacket. That's right: I love a Canadian tux! Justin and Britteny gave it a bad reputation, I personally think, because I promise there are nice ways to do it! If jean jackets just aren't your cup of tea, maybe mirrored sunglasses, high waisted belts, 'Champion' jumpers and cropped tees can persuade you? I legitimately love it all!

Another thing that I love are the big films of the decade! I didn't realise that so many cult classics hit the screens. 'The Breakfast Club', 'Pretty in Pink' and 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' were all directed by the cinematographic master, John Hughes: who dominated the industry for the whole ten years. It's so great, looking back at the films, to put the fashions onto a timeline too. 'Working Girl' and 'Heathers' both show off a good shoulder pad and 'Sixteen Candles' just epitomised an 80s outfit!

I've touched on a lot of the pop culture elements of the decade, which are all sounding pretty fun! However, there were actually some serious events which went down from 80-89. Right at the start, Britain (and the world!) welcomed a new Princess, with the marriage of Charles and Diana. 750 million people world wide- a sixth of the population- witnessed the event so it's fair to say that it was a big deal. Five years later, a 'where were you when it happened?' moment shocked the world. On the 28th of January 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded. It was only in the air for 73 seconds, sadly, after it's launch. Seven people were killed, and it lead to the shocking three year grounding of NASAs shuttle fleet unit: meaning that nothing left the earth until the 90s. Possibly one of the biggest moments in modern history was the fall of the Berlin Wall. Ronald Raegan made a passionate speech in 1987 and he begged Mr Gorbachev to 'tear down this wall'. When it eventually happened, two years later- on the 9th of November- moving scenes showed East Germans climbing over to show their love to the people they had been separated from for so long.

So aside from everyone doing the running man in their Nike Airmaxs', that's about the decade covered. Be it covered in acid wash denim or working out with Jane Fonda, everyone was having fun in any way they knew it! Everything about the eighties screamed celebration, so it seems to be the kind of times I'd have loved to live in x


  1. Loved this! It’s so funny because when I look at all the photos of my jun growing up she had but hair and dressed like that aha! This series is so unique and incredible! Xx

    1. Aww thanks so much! I find it so weird looking at photos of my family and just connecting the dots as to when it was taken. Thanks for all of your support on this series! It means the world! xox

  2. This is such a cool post! I don't really feel much connection to the past- probably because culture and race has limited opportunities in the past. I love the nineties and noughties though, so when you get to those, I will be really in my element!
    When I think of the sixties, I think of the civil rights movement and jazz and things like that.

    Thank you for sharing,
    Rachel x |

    1. Ahh I'm glad you liked my writing! Yeah, I really get that previous decades have held a lot of oppression people, so the movement of time has improved people's attitudes towards different cultures, races and sexualitys. I loved writing about the sixties! And I'm super excited to get to the nineties, too; it's my favourite decade! xox

  3. Ahhh I love this post! I love 80s music and 80s style! This is such a great series and I love reading it cause I definitely feel like I was born in the wrong era!

    1. The eighties seems super appealing to me now! It's super interesting learning about these things: I totally feel like I should have been born in other times as well! xox


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