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A Zillenial on the Sixties...

So, 'The Beatles'. That's about it. All I really know about the 60s is 'The Beatles'. We did a whol topic about them in year four: how was that deemed educational? Although it hasn't helped me in any way during my life, that topic's moment is now! The group that lived in a yellow submarine and said hey to Jude were big stars through the decade and their music is still influencial today. Lennon and Yoko showed the world how to wear white and spend a weekend in bed, whilst trying to give power back to the people.

They, however, were just two people amongst the wider group of hipies. The hippy movement was born in Northern California during the early sixties. Their attitiude to life was influenced by politics, philosophy, music and 'psychadelic' substances. Even though LSD was banned in the U.S in 1966, it seemed to spur on the flower children, makig their morals-and drug use- even more brazen! One of the events that epitomised the movement happened in 1967, when several hundred people gathered to move The Pentagon with their minds. Once that failed, their attentions moved to putting flowers in the barrels of soldier's guns. Tht ultimately earned them the name as 'flower children'.

Alongside these pyschadelic fans of the decade were the mods. After all the change and turmoil of the fourties and fifties, people's attitudes were changing. Everyone's views were becoming more modern- can you see where this is going- and their behaviour was changing with that. Young people were showing this through a subculture of stylish dress, scooters and soul music.

These smart new outfits came to a pinnacle of controversy with the miniskirt. A garment that Coco Chanel- possibly the Queen and creator of fahsion- hated and deemed to be 'just awful'. They came from the UK and mini mania ended up spreading around the world. With celebrities like Twiggy, Anita Pallenberg and Pattie Boyd all seen wearing them, the working girls of the world embraced the look. Even the actual Queen showed her support by giving the mini skirt's creator, Mary Quant, an 'Order of the British Empire'.

Fashions of the decade were also being changed by an apparent new found love of travel! West London Air Terminal was built in 1963 , but no planes ever landed or took off from there. They were then transported from that terminal to Heathrow. No matter this slight inconvenience, the glamour and style of flight meant that it
upheld it's popularity. People were going all over the globe, so it only made sense that their worldly attitudes were reflected in their life style. New foods became popular and new patterns were president.

Speaking of Presidents, on the 22nd of November 1963, John F. Kennedy (along with his wife) was shot in his car on a ride around Dallas. He later died of his fatal injuries, with the shooters identity being unknown to this day. The monumental event has birthed many an insane conspiracy theory (which I won't go into now).
Everyone knows what was going on politically for the US in the sixties, however, how many zillenials know who the Prime Minister was during the decade? I obviously didn't know (because I have no general knowledge) but was actually quite shocked that the majority of the decade- '64 until '70- had a Labour government, big up Edward Heath (whoever that is!)

No matter my political views, a big decision was made in Parliament in the sixties, which I think any decent person would have celebrated and respected. In 1967, the UK legalised homosexuality. That meant that it was no longer a punishable
offense to be gay (or bi, or pan,). It was basically just legal to love whoever you want. I'm still not too sure why anyone ever thought that it was a problem to begin with because, you know, it's just not! However, it's been 50 years since the legalisation and everyone's attitudes and respect has come on leaps and bounds!

Considering the only thing I knew about the sixties was 'Sergeant Pepper', I feel like this post has just been an education! Without theses beautiful ten years, Pretty Woman would not have been the
same master piece as it, the moon would not have been landed on nearly as many times and Jay Herbert never would have been a US golf champion (good on you Herbert, the hero that time forgot!) Because of all of this, and more, I think it seemed like a pretty beautiful decade! x  


  1. Loved this post and the 60’s are a great period! Xx

    1. aww thank you! And after writing this, I'd have to agree xox

  2. Ah, I love reading these posts! History is one of my favourite topics and reading about things like this is so great for me.

    Abby x

    1. I'm so glad that you've been liking reading these! It's been nice to find out some of the little details about the different decades xox

  3. Th 60s were never a favourite of mine when I learnt it at school. I do love how fashion took a new turn though!

    Sophie xx // One Unique

    1. Omg I just found them so boring! And yes, this was definitely the first era of rebellion! xox


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