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A Collection of Failures Through February...

I don't really know if what a clumsy and awkward person I am has been documented enough. Through inference, I feel like it's been made evident. I've mentioned a few of the embarrassing little moments that I've had throughout my monthly's but you are wrong if you think that's it. My life is not just a collection of one off encounters with shame: it's basically a book. A solid 75% of February had been comprised of making a fool of myself, overall. So, here I am, admitting to that fact, and hoping that these stories will make you feel a little bit better about yourself...

The Onion Incident- Okay, I feel like this dramatic title has really pulled you in! Our story begins on a Thursday morning, during half term. I was going to go out to print some photos for my scrap book but my mum asked if I'd go and get her two carrots, an onion and a bag of potatoes. A strangely specific list- I know- but I just accepted it and went off on my journey. I printed my photos and grabbed the potatoes, it was all good; I then went to a green grocers for the rest.

 The carrots were literally in a crate so that was easy but onions just weren't there. Nowhere to be found. So I awkwardly go and find the woman who works there (tripping over boxes on the way) and somehow end up in her living room! Who had a green grocers in their house?!? Anyway, I was like, 'do you sell onions here?' She just kind of laughed and pointed me to them. On the way over, I thought it was appropriate to say, 'ahh thanks! I don't even think I know what onions are!' Her face summed the whole situation up. Of course I know what onions are! It was just embarrassing for everyone involved (but more so for me than her).

Boux- So, it was the day before Valentines Day (Desperation Day), and my mum and I were in town. We popped in to Boux Avenue, just to have a look around. In a corner, talking to one of the women who worked there, was a quite good looking man! I made the (confirmed by listening in!) assumption, that he was buying something for his girlfriend. After exchanging a few friendly smiles with him, I bopped on over to the other side of the shop. Then, like any rational person, put a photo about it on the story of my spam Instagram! However, it wasn't that simple (obviously!) Mid typing about the experience, a sales woman just sprang up on me! As, 'are you okay, there?' echoed through the room, I came to the realisation, that she had read my analysis of the situation going on.   

Bins- This section just isn't as mysterious! You can probably guess what's going to happen... it's predictable. So, it's almost ten, on a Wednesday night. I'd just been to see Ant Middleton's tour, and my dad and I were walking back to the car. To get there, we went through a shopping center, so I was just casually remarking on the jeans in various windows. Now, I'm a pretty loud and unsubtle person so it's likely that the whole crowd around me heard my opinions. There was a really nice pair in the window of River Island, which I was having a bit of a stare at. So much of a stare, in fact, that I never saw the bins. You guessed it, I walked into a massive row of bins! It was genuinely so embarrassing, purely because of the amount of people who saw it happen. Ahh, I'm cringing just thinking about it!

They're just three examples of the kind of failures that my months are littered with. Saying that, I'm writing this outro on the 22nd, giving me six more days to do something almightily worse. One minute you're on the straight and narrow, then you turn a corner and end up getting your foot stuck in a bucket. Life takes us to some awkward places! x


  1. Aw I feel like you are such a relatable person to me aha! And all of this is so things I would do, don’t worry about it it’s happened to everyone! Loved this post though, such a great idea to make light of bad situations! Xx

    1. I'm glad you understand the clumsy girl struggles! Thanks for reading xox

  2. You make a laugh haha, great post! :)


  3. El, you're hilarious! Bless you, at least you can look back on it and laugh. I love how clumsy you are, it makes you you.

    Sophie xx // One Unique

    1. If nobody was a mess, the world would be so boring! Thanks for reading my post, I'm so glad you enjoyed it xox


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