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New Beginnings: January...

Fun fact about me: I hate new year's resolutions. Which may be surprising because I do a post about them every year (but that's just for the nostalgia value next year!) I believe that if anyone was truly desperate to make a change to themselves, they would, no matter if it was the first of January or the twentieth of June. I just think that the stress to have a new you every time that there's a new year is way too much. However, some brand new things did happen this month and- however unintentional they were- I thought I'd have a look back.

Before school started again I ended up getting lunch with my friends. I feel like this is a bit of a weird story to include, but it was something that I really loved! They both came to my house, had a look at my scrapbook, then we went to get some photos printed. In the end, we decided to get some food and ended up going to a pub. It was just a really nice time and I loved the sense of belonging that it gave me! Over holidays, my people skills always get kind of lost, but things were easier to jump back in to with them! That feeling in itself was something new for the year because it was the first time I saw any of my friends and the first time I got that beautiful rush of happiness!

I also really loved seeing all of my drama friend again for the first time. [Editing side note, they're my friends in my drama class. Not just, like, really extra ones. I feel like that was implied. I'll just leave it alone...] If you read my October post, you'll know all about the Crucible situation that I had! Seeing Eliza again was obviously great,but I also loved seeing her new coat! She even let me try it on and I felt like a mob wife: in the best way. I have a brand new appreciation for fur, purely due to her! On this clothing note/ tangent, is anybody watching 'Derry Girls'? Michelle has the most amazing jeans so if anyone has some high waisted mom jean recommendations, let me know! I neeeeeed some in my life! [Editing note, Topshop was the place to be!]  

On the ninth I had to go back to school. It's not lessons that I don't like, it's just the general vibe. (If you'd like a post about that, I'd be happy to do one) This year I think teachers went for the 'new year, new seating plan' approach to things. Some now work in my favour, others I just hate! Last year in biology I was lucky enough to sit next to one of my really close friends, however that's changed. Now I'm sat opposite Soph, so I just pull stupid faces at her from across the table. That sounds all well and good, but one of the boys sat in between us often just sees me do it and judges me a lot! I usually laugh it off, and it was genuinely made funnier by the fact that he acknowledged how weird he thinks I am for it! 

Usually I worry about other people's judgement, which is why I stuggle so much with public speaking. Sat down in lessons, it's all fine but stood up in front of everyone is stress central! However, we did our English speaking GCSE, which meant that I had to face my fears. For the old GCSE's you used to just present to your teacher and be asked questions solely by them. I'm doing 9-1 GCSE's though, which meant that I had to do mine in front of our class! When I stood up, my legs were just like jelly, but I hauled myself to the front and  am so glad I did! It was actually pretty exhilarating to discuss my chose topic (if being attractive improves your life!) in front of 30 people. Someone even said that they thought I deserved a distinction, which was the most amazing thing I've ever heard!

Actually, I take that back: Hayley Williams singing live was the most amazing thing I've ever heard! On the 19th I had possibly the best night of my life: seeing Paramore live! Even though it was about a seven hour round trip to Manchester Arena, I'd do it again in a heart beat. I'd never been to a concert before so wasn't really sure what to expect. This, however, exceeded any expectations I could have had. Everybody was up and singing and dancing and Hayley said at the start of the night that she hoped we'd brought 'tissues and our dancing shoes'. I can assure you, both were necessary. I felt so many emotions I just can't even describe it! The whole night was completely incredible.

I tried holding on to that feeling, but of course, once the night had gone, it had too. I wish that I had been able to feel like that forever. Now I have to work to get new feelings and new experiences that live up to that night. As I've learnt from this month, embracing anything new in my life can lead to great things. So even though I don't like resolutions, I'm glad for all of the different things that this month has brought to me: and hope that it continues.  


  1. The part about the drama friends was so funny.

    Abby |

    1. Aww thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! xox

  2. Great post! I hated my English Speaking exam.

    Sopihe xx // One Unique

    1. I have to do mine again at a youth speaking event, which I'm dreading even more! xox


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