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What Christmas Really Means...

For this post, I've teamed up with Abby from 'Teenagehomedder'. I saw on our group chat that she was looking for someone to collaborate with so immediately volunteered. Her blogmas sounded so great, especially once she had given me some of the ideas that she'd had for what we could both partner up on. One, however, stood out: 'What Christmas Really Means'. It really made me think about what points could be made.

I know that Abby is a Christian, which will mean that her views- from a fundamental stand point- will be immensely different because, for a lot of people, including her, Christmas is a religious celebration. It's a day in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and all of the things that he brought into the world (can you tell that I don't take philosophy and ethics anymore?) I think that the way Christianity looks at Christmas is so beautiful. Holding any sort of view which allows you to add more positivity and depth to life always seems so beneficial. 

As an atheist, what I grasp that feeling from is obviously different. In contrast to bringing it out of my beliefs in a religious sense, I move it from the beliefs about Christmas that I have been given since I was (slight exaggeration) born! I have some distant memory of making a coaster in year two which just had a big drawing of Santa on it. Given my artistic ability, which hasn't grown much since then, it was probably unrecognizable. For me however, it embodied Christmas. Films like 'The Santa Clause', 'Miracle on 34th Street' and 'Elf' all show Father Christmas as being the center point as the time. So for me, he kind of signified the start of the season!

As I've gotten older, however, Santa, and the presents he brings, have meant less and less. This year I haven't asked for a lot; I've gone for more practical gifts... I literally asked for a sponge! As well as this, he (as I found out a while ago) obviously isn't real, but that's not what changed my views. Even though my belief is gone, the love that I have for the season is still up and here. My want and need for things has dwindled. I'd say one of the things I'm most excited for during the Christmas holidays is just to sleep: second only to the food! The category all of this comes under for me is 'vibes'. I love having all of my family sitting together and eating and laughing and listening to Christmas radio!

It just makes everyone feel so happy. And I think that is what Christmas means to me. It means pure, unadulterated love and happiness, which is why it's my favourite time of year!       


  1. I love Christmas! For me it's about family time and seeing others happy. I love buying and giving presents because people's faces when they open just make my day!

    Sophie xx // One Unique

    1. Giving gifts is such a nice feeling! xox

  2. Lovely post El! Really interesting to see your view point and what you get from Christmas! x


    1. Ahh thank you! I'm so excited to go and read yours! xox


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