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Things I love About the Season...

The first time I listened to Christmas music was the 25th of November. I was trying so, so hard to wait until the 1st but the temptation was too much. Mariah and her Christmas wishes were just calling (singing?) my name and, ever the people pleaser, I had to answer. I flung the Christmas door wide open and let all of the metaphorical tinsel, mince pies and elves spill into my room. I needed Christmas and all of the magic it brings with it. I've officially given in to all of it (there is 22 days until Christmas, after all) and indulged in all of the things I love about the season...

- From- pretty much- birth I was convinced that I hated coca-cola: I remember having it at someone's sixth birthday party and being completely repulsed. However, on the 12th of April 2017 (a date that I am determined to commemorate annually) I had my first sip in years and loved it! Ever since the, I've been addicted to any, and every, type of cola... it's a slippery slope! That discovery led to me finding 'coke girls'. They are an elite breed of female who manage to look effortlessly cool whilst clutching a can. They have those bad-ass, bay watch vibes that I can only aspire to; trust me , I do! With Christmas, brings that iconic red can and I'm more than ready for it. The season will hold in store millions of photos of me attempting to capture the essence of that immensely alpha, coca-cola drinking, dream girl. And that is one vibe that I am definitely here for! 

- Christmas songs. 

- As you can tell, I'm in life purely for the aesthetic. I love a good scroll through Instagram and winter is so perfect for photos! My favourite kind are the toned and tanned legs under a fuzzy whit blanket. Being an insta God (blatant sarcasm but add me up @words_with_el) I try to recreate these. Sadly, they never come out that great. I've pinned it don to a few things. 1- I'm not a Victoria's Secret model and never go to the gym so there is no definition going on here! 2- I'm the palest person on earth. My English teacher once said I was 'see through'. British weather doesn't help that factor. 3- The blanket on my bed is blue and cream and looks like a 'snazzy cow'- quote from me to Soph last night!

-I love Summer because you can just wander the streets. Not in a road man way! It means that I can stand a 45 minute walk to the nearest park and then just sit there for four hours. Or, I can get a bus into town and then walk around the marina. You can just do whatever because it's not freezing cold! In winter after anything longer than 20 minutes outside I'll be regretting my life choices. That means you need an actual plan for what you're doing, which can  be really great! I had a two hour stint in Starbucks, recently. I enjoyed that because I am the mist basic white girl! You can also hit up art galleries (something I always think would be a great first date idea!) or do something a bit closer to home. 'Tis the season to climb into bed, grab and friend and binge watch Gossip Girl!


  1. You've really got me in the Christmas spirit now haha! Thank you :)

    1. I didn't see this until now! I bet you've been ready for a while at this point! xox

  2. I love Christmas so much! I have had to give up Coke though because of my health :(

    Sophie xx // One Unique

    1. aww bless you! I feel like I drink way too much! xox


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