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All I want for Christmas Is (2017 Edition)...

I'm not too sure, but I think that this post has become annual. I'll link the other two if I can find them (last year's) so you can have a look at those complete cringefests. To be honest, I don't even know if I kept them live (editing El says nope): that's the level of atrocity they were at! Even though this post doesn't really fit my current writing style, I thought this could be a chance to redeem myself. So, welcome to my 2017 Christmas eve eve wishlist...

Happiness- Doesn't everyone spend their life in the pursuit of happiness? I think that if you don't, something in your life is going wrong, or has gone immensely right. Wrong, in the sense that I believe happiness should always be had and, if not, constantly looked for. Immensely right in a way that if you're not looking, I presume it's been reached: which would be fantastic! This year has been one with big ups and downs and although I don't really think life can ever be a constant up, I'd appreciate having a few less downs!

A Polaroid- I've wanted a polaroid camera for so long and I'm hoping that I'll be lucky enough to receive one. The cameras have become quite a classic instagrammable item so it will definitely be making an appearance on my feed! As well as this, the photos they produce are so cute. I have a scrapbook (a new one is on my list because my last one is almost full) and I'd love to have some polaroids on every page. Normally I have to choose between one of 1,000 photos that I've taken and edited, but with a polaroid, I just have to have every moment as it comes. They'll be really nice to look back on, and gage what a moment was truly like.

Flexibility- This is meant in two senses. I'll start with the most physical one. So, when I was younger, I was really inflexible (is stiff the right word?) and it always annoyed me! All of the other girls in my class would be on the floor and I'd be hovering about five inches above. For a sense of pride in myself, I decided to try and increase my flexibility. By year eight I was super good at it and I was so proud and it was such a skill! Then I stopped trying and I completely lost all ability; now I want it back. So by asking for it for Christmas, I thought it would be an incredibly easy way to get it back.

In the next sense, I just want more time. My life is, often, just full of things. This all sounds like I'm weirdly bragging about what a fantastically thriving social life, when in reality: it's practically non existent! As I (seemingly always) talk about, I dance quite a lot, so that takes a bit of time out of my week. I'm also a really high achiever on top of that so I do a lot of things for school during the week and on weekends. And surprisingly- even though my personality is somewhat interesting my friends and family still want to do things with me! This Christmas, I'm not wishing to lessen any of that, just to increase the hours in a day... so if there could be 26, that would be great!

I feel like I should give this post some kind of official ending, but I on't really know what else I have to say. 

I hope you have a good day and a wonderful Christmas xox 


  1. A bit of a different Christmas list! Flexibility is something I would always like too! :)

    Abby x

    1. Yeah, I wanted to do something a bit more abstract ahaha! I hope you enjoyed, it though xox

  2. Haha, I love this list, it's different from your average wishlist! Sorry to say but I was one of the flexible ones and I still am to an extent!

    Sophie xx // One Unique


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