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Why I Love Dance (yet another essay on it!)...

Personally, I believe that the best feeling on earth is walking into a room full of people and all of them cheering your name. Don't look back through my archives because I've probably claimed something else was better. No matter, I take it all back: I'd tale anything back if I could feel that great all the time. That is how amazing it is. Every Wednesday, and ever Saturday, I can feel that, because that's when I have dance. 

I'm not a late person, but somehow I always over run on the way to dance. Walking into the changing room with 45 seconds to spare and so many voices will light up. Normally, having more than one person trying to talk to me would stress me out but with them, I don't mind. Everything feels different with the girls at dance. You're forced to form relationships at a level of closeness that is so much higher than usual. Forced seems too aggressive a word. Obviously there's a few people I don't get on with but with the group I do, nothing is forced. Everything just slides into place.

It hasn't always been like this, though. I've been at my dance school for six years and only really settled into a friend group in January. The whole experience of dance is a lot better now. It feels especially good because I have people to share it with. To be honest, now I have people to share everything with. No one in my class actually foes to my school so some serious tea always gets spilt! That just brings us closer together because nothing in our lives is off limits.

Another thing that keeps us together is dress rehearsals. WE have a running joke about our friend, Ella, being the Mum of the group... she just is! Ella's actually a year younger than us, but looks after the other four of us so much. It's the caring and consideration that let's us feel so much love toward each other. Dress rehearsals are always when that care comes out! After one tap dance we were all so hot and sweaty that someone got out a powder, we all sat n the floor and shared it around. Other people putting makeup on your face is such a satisfyingly special feeling!

That, as well as so many other things, is why I love the girls in my class. Everything feels so special. The moments that are shared are so special and unique. We've been working on a routine that involves giant feathers (stay with me, the story gets good). Anyaise- my dance best friend- and I made a feather barrier in front of ourselves and the others. At first it was funny because of the weird intimacy of the situation but then we embraced the weird intimacy. For the first time, we said 'I love you' to each other.That's the kind of weird moments that dance lets us share.

And I can say, without a wall of feathers, that I love every moment.   


  1. Yet another lovely post about dance!

    Abby x

    1. Feel like I'm overdoing it slightly now, but I'm so glad that you're still enjoying them xox

  2. I love dancing!! I used to go to ballet lessons when I was a child!


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Such a lovely post! I'm glad you're getting on, it's really nice to have a group of friends like you do.

    Sophie xx // One Unique

    1. aww bless, thank you! They're so great! xox


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