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What Dance has Taught Me...

People think that the one thing dance teaches is discipline. To an extent, I believe that's true because I can hold a pliet for a lot longer than the average person. I, however, will never been a prima ballerina. Partly because I've never done ballet (one of my biggest regrets) and partly because I dance for fun. Just fun. My life isn't Dance Moms, it's more of a relaxed training montage! I don't have enough discipline- or drive- to train for hours everyday but what I do have is enough enjoyment from the hours I put in. 

Almost all of that enjoyment comes from the girls that I spend those hours with. In my class, there's eleven of us and I'm in a nice little group of six! I'd say that something they've taught me is female empowerment; that's a huge thing. A lot of girls grow up wanting to be the best and, fair enough, I did too! However, there's a huge difference between wanting to be the best and tearing other people down. You can be on top, without tearing other people from where they are. I see no need to bring down other people: you shouldn't need to do that to win. Help to push everyone up. Empowerment for women is something so necessary for equality!

In order to help other people get up to the top, you actually need to be confident with yourself first. I feel like I've spoken about it before, but going to dance lessons has really boosted my self esteem. In March time, I had a bit of a heart to heart with my teacher, Hollie. When I was younger, I had a different teacher who (because I'm a tall girl) would also put me at the back. That kind of gave me the mentality that I belonged in the shadows of dances and that I didn't deserve to perform at the front. Hollie got me to tell her all of that, then put me in the middle: which made me feel fantastic! All of my friends were so kind and supportive about that but a few of the girls in my class seemed pretty annoyed about it. I believe that jealousy like that is an unattractive quality in anyone.

That moment made me look at a lot of those people differently. Physically, they were the same (obviously!) but to me, they were so different. The most best people on earth are the ones that are kind and supportive. People who hold your leg when you're trying to see how high it will go; people who cheer when you slide your way in to the center; people who will have the right combination of sympathy or laughter whenever you fall over! The girls who don't do that... I'm not too sure if they're worth your time. I like being friends with pretty people and they're always the best ones. Because when you're kind and funny and bring people up, you always look beautiful! Be confident and spread love: that is what dance has taught me to do. 


  1. I think everyone should have the opportunity to take a dance class, you learn so much! It really is amazing. xx

    1. I completely agree! It'snot even things that you physically learn, I feel like it's helped so much mentally and emotionally xox

  2. This is such a lovely post, El. I love dance so much but I don't egt to do it very often any more.

    Sophie xx // One Unique

    1. I feel so lucky because I get to do it so much! xox

  3. This is really interesting to read. I am also a dancer and I have been to so many dance schools, I've lost count. Many reasons for leaving these dance schools have been because the people there were, let's say not very encouraging. The teachers often were no better and even though I had a passion for dance I used to dread leaving for my weekly lessons. Gradually, after trying many places, things got better and I got better at my dancing because the teachers and students were better people. I have finally found a brilliant studio with girls my age and I feel like they are already becoming my friends. I think dance has taught me many things, not just plies and jete's but other things as well. As always, I loved how you wrote this post. What styles of dance do you do?

    Abby x

    1. I'm so happy that you've finally found somewhere that is as good as you deserve! I love hearing people talk about their passions, and I'm glad yours has got back on track. It's so great that you took the time to leave such a heart felt comment! I do tap, modern and lyrical, what about you? Thanks for the constant support it means so much xox

    2. That's no problem! I do Tap, Contemporary and Musical Theatre so very similar, haha!


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