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Bullet Journaling...

At Christmas last year I was given a notebook which I decided to turn into a bullet journal. I'd seen all of the instagram Gods using it and thought I'd be able to do as good a job. I was probably overestimating my ability, as someone with absolutely no artistic skill. However, it's been eleven months now, and I've still kept it up!

Continuing with something for a long amount of time has never been something I'm good at, but my bullet journal is still going strong. The whole phenomena seems to have kept the buzz up around itself as well: which is something I didn't expect. If you never heard of the fad (you know, if you were too busy eating your avocado toast) it's a 'customisable organisational system'. What that means is that you can use it as a to-do list/ diary/ planner. Some people- all of the prettiest ones!- intertwine their's decorations, whereas other people's- literally mine!- are just a messy cluster of lines.   

Another thing that you can do is include your own charts. As a British teen (#britishteenblogger #Imtoosarcastic), I'm taking a GCSE in statistics and obviously it's not my favourite thing... if you told me the bar chart was for a bullet journal though, I'd be all over it! Currently I'm using two different systems. One is a daily box fill in thingy *scientific term* to track how my anxiety changes throughout the week. The other is a line graph of how happy I've been, which I add values out of ten to twice a day. I like to use this method because it means I can really see how I'm doing and just keep a better track of my mental health.

Keeping my bullet jounral going has also made me organise my life a lot better. Every night I have to sit down and actually think about what I have to do the next day. I'll consult my planner, consider what would make my life easier, then write it down. Being able to cross something off a list is actually pretty decent motivation to do it, too. You have no idea how frustrating it is to put the little arrow onto something and have to write it again. Having the same thing in every box of a week annoys me so much because it just shows me my own laziness. Do I need that in my life? No! I need to get stuff done and see all of the beautiful crosses!

Rest assured though, no part of the journal is beautiful! I attempted to do a nice monthly design but I have the creative skills of a five year old who has just been handed a Sharpie. At first, I felt pretty bad about the lack of ascetic, but then I kind of stopped caring. I'd scroll through endless posts of hand painted, gold encrusted, silk coated paper and feel bad. Now, I just label mine as 'quaint' now or 'unique'. I'm doing it for me, in the end, and as long as I'm enjoying it, everything is fine! Ultimately, I love it a lot. My pages might have ink leaked through from the previous; my hand writing my be awful; most of my lines are probably wonky. My life is like that though, I'm tired from the day before, I'm not always in the right place and nothing I do is perfect. The little book contains my life for the past eleven months, and it's a good enough reflection for me. 


  1. I do bullet journalling, not nearly as much as I would like to but I find it so fun when I do! I am hoping to get on with it and use it for my blog in the future. I love how you always have a little message at the end of your posts.

    Abby xx

    1. It is so fun! I bet yours is beautiful, mine is so not. I just put little to-do lists in and add to it every day. And thank you, I try to spread the positivity! xox

  2. This is a great post El. I'd love to get into bullet journalling but every time I've stored I just can't stick it!

    Sophie xx // One Unique


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