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Why I'm writing a book...

Do you ever have those ideas? The ones that are just so poetically beautiful and float around your head. They just float: no sinking or swimming. And then you realise that they're too perfect to be forgotten. This one thing is the sentence that will change your life. You live by it, and it's melancholy, bittersweet feel will see you through.

It never does.

Instead, it amasses itself amongst other phrases. These include (but are not limited to) something someone said that sounded deep out of context; a random musing you had after you got wet without an umbrella; weirdly sad sounding menu items; quotes from the Oscar worthy, original rom-com monologue that you performed in the shower. These are all things that I genuinely kept for 'one day'. And that day came!

Over summer I had the ground breaking idea of writing a book. There was no plot. No characters. Literally no ideas. Just me, snacks and a laptop. Now, this plan didn't get anywhere, partly because I discovered the joys of Netflix. I like to think, mainly though, it was because there was nothing I cared about enough to write. Sustaining a character I wasn't passionate about would have been horrific and free styling a tolerable plot would have been impossible.

Then I remembered the folder. All of these masterfully crafted sentences. My original plan was to just put them into one short story... then I realised that 'the girl in front of me has a wine glass full of Cheesy Wotsits and I want to marry her' doesn't merge well with 'you're not always going to be able to walk in the sun, sometimes you have to dance in the rain.' However, on their own they were quirky and cute but mostly developable! To tackle the issue of character, I just never made one.

Although it will sound ridiculously pretentious, I'm referring to the character as 'she'. Maybe one day she'll get a name. I'll possibly just leave her faceless. One of the best things about the process has been the freedom I have. If I want to write something mind-numbingly over dramatic, I can. If I want to write about a wine glass as a cheese snack storage unit, I can do that too!

Thanks for Reading,


  1. Sounds great. I loved how you wrote this, when you write you book, I'll definitely read it!

    Abby x |

    1. Ahh thank you, I actually wrote this post with a pen on paper in bed! Some of the best things are hand written! And thanks, I'd love to be able to actually finish xx

  2. I can't wait to read what you'll be working on. It sounds like such a fab idea, I always fancied writing a book but I never have time

    Sophie xx / One Unique

    1. Things have been getting really on top of me, too, lately, but I'll be back to writing again soon. I'm hoping to put some of the fiction that I've written on here at some point as well xx


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