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Two Years of Blogging...

 So today has been two years since I uploaded my first blog post. If you're a devoted fan girl- shout out to my girl C.B!- then you'll know I did a post like this last year. It included a whole letter to my future self, so I thought I'd open it now and address all of the main points...

How's you're year been?- My year has been pretty interesting! Since I wrote this, my whole friendship group has changed,which I've mentioned a few times. I've made some amazing new friends and it's gone so fast. So fast and, to be honest, I don't even remember writing that post! It feels like an age agoooo!

What days did you upload this year?- I have been so on top of posts! If only past El had known about pre-writing posts or pre-scheduling, for that mater. I would honestly just sit down and write whatever came to me. Who does that? Why was I not taking this more seriously? Now I understand the importance of professionalism and usually have things sorted with a few weeks to spare!

What's going on with your sister?- It's been so long since I've mentioned her! I'd forgotten I even had a sister at this point (kidding, she lives with me). And, as you can tell from that last comment, she's stayed at home. My sister is doing her local physics course and is enjoying it so much: which I'm very glad about. There's my family update, if anyone's interested!

But for now, I'll stay Runnerella- El. Please, call me El! I'm so glad I haven't kept under the name or my old web address for that matter! I have unveiled more of the girl behind the screen: not all of it, but a good part. I hope you've liked seeing that!

Now, after all of that, I thought I'd carry on the tradition. So Future El, I pass the baton to you...

Dear El,

How's life going? Is it still a good time to be alive? There was actually a mass shooting in Las Vegas yesterday morning, which has put a down on the mood of the day. In recent news there has been a lot of terrorism and attacks all around the world: which is terrible. I hope that by October 2018 the world has got a grip of itself. Trump needs to be out and Brexit has to be in order. Has it actually happened yet? I feel like mentioning this is something that 2016 El would never have done but I'm not that person any more. My blog is now more of an accurate representation of me and represents the issues that I really care about which I'm very happy about.

A lot of things in my personal world are going surprisingly well. My group of friends are very supportive and I've even told a few of them about my blog! I know how much things can change in a year, but I have high hopes for the fact that I'll still be close with all of them next year. For them to leave my life, their would have to be a major issue which I hope never arises!

Something that has been coming up a lot lately is the karma of the universe. I don't have any religious beliefs but I strongly believe in the power of the universe. Horoscopes and the positions of the planets definitely have an effect on mine- and everyone else's- lives. I know that the stars always have my back as long as I can support myself. For a lot of people, the things they've been doing have clapped back into their face and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't good to see. How's the universe doing for me now?

Finally, how is blogging going for you? I'm actually currently considering getting ad sense on this site and purchasing the domain name for my blog. I feel like that would just add a touch more professionalism. I've thought through both of those decisions so they could be up in place some time soon. I'm hoping that by next year I'll be all sorted out and have some processes in place. You should be seeing some changes here and I'm really wishing that they'll all be positive!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Cute post, El! I'm so happy that you've been blogging for this long!

    Sophie xx // One Unique

  2. Congratulations on 2 years! Glad you've kept going and I hope to read your blog for many years to come! This is a really interesting idea to do for a blog anniversary and you've really inspired me to do something special for my next one now!

    Abby |

    1. Aww I'm glad I've made an impact! I literally celebrate anniversaries for everything because I like to remember the moments xx


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