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October's Look Back

This month I learned how much pressure I could handle. It wasn't because I was put into a particularly intense situation, it was just from my own mind. All of the little things that I had bundled up ended up tying themselves into a knot. It was a knot so tight that I couldn't untangle it: even trying was too much. Eventually, I told other people about it, and they all helped to undo it. Obviously this is a metaphor, however October did feature an unpleasant untying experience for me!

It was the day before a dress rehearsal for 'The Crucible'. It's basically, if you haven't heard of it, a play about the Salem witch trails which meant we were all dressed in attire from the 19th century. That included what can best be described as a circular bib. It was horrendous. Before the show, my friend Eliza tied it onto me (you can see where this is going) and we started the performance. It got to the end, everyone was getting undressed, and we realised that my circular bib thing would not come off! After, seventeen minutes- SEVENTEEN MINUTES- and so many tears of laughter, we finally got it undone. 

I honestly thought that it was going to turn into The Breakfast Club. Eliza and I would be sat at the back of the changing room all night, confessing our deepest hopes and fears, whilst struggling to undo my *beautiful* costume. To be honest, if there's one thing I'll miss from this performance, it's the cast. At the start we were all just strangers trying to learn Arthur Miller; by the end we were friends, who were still trying to learn Arthur Miller! A particular moment that stands out to me was being sat behind a curtain with a lad I didn't know and just talking about life. Sharing things with a stranger is a weirdly nice feeling.

I'm not recommending spilling your guts to someone on the street but it's nice having someone impartial to talk to. The trust you can mutually put into someone shows a lot about two people. He's now one of my friends, and I think that's an amazing thing. Friendship is something that this month has really taught me the value of. Before now, obviously I had friends whom I love and cherish, but I feel like this month has created a lot of new relationships for me. I've rekindled some old friendships, which was surprisingly invigorating and strengthened some new ones, which I love dearly. It's great to have a support network behind you.

Sometimes you need someone to chat to when you're at a bus stop (too relatable, love a good day rider) and there's a person for that. Sometimes you need someones to blend your foundation past your neck and I promise there are girls that will do that! Sometimes you need someone to learn lines with, or put mini cheddars into your mouth when your hands are full, or tell you your nail colour is good. Sometimes you need people to help untie the knot growing in your mind and I promise, you will always have someone who can do that.

--This is a fun little end paragraph just to say that I've bought my domain name! It was an early Christmas present from my parents and I'm so happy about it! If you need to find me anymore, take a look at --


  1. You're so funny! I love this post. Congrats on the own domain x

    Sophie xx // One Unique

  2. This made me laugh. Abby xx (awesome about your domain name!)


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