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Self Esteem

sɛlfɛˈstiːm(noun)- Confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect

Self esteem. It's something that everyone talks about. Everyone has read a blog post or watched a vlog in which a seemingly perfect girl tells her (very predictable) secrets to becoming more confident. I don't have a problem with things like that but I think you need to take them all with a pinch of salt. 

Regardless of how you view their life, it shouldn't have an effect on you. Self esteem, as it says in the definition, is dependent on your own worth. That should be derivative from within and never effected by an external source. What that really means is that other people and what they think shouldn't change what you think about yourself. The things people say to you shouldn't change your opinion, neither should the dream life other people seemingly have.

Notice my use of the word 'seemingly'. Take a minute and consider how you portray yourself to other people. Chances are that it's not 100% genuine but that's not an issue. Everyone hide's the parts that aren't stereo typically perfect... so don't believe what you see. You see what they want you to; obviously that's going to be the best bits. This means that you shouldn't let other peoples' lives edit your confidence for a few reason. Firstly, because everything is not always as it seems (solid Wizards of Waverly Place reference), secondly because you should never compare your life to someones elses. The chapter of life that you're on is different to theirs so it's not appropriate to read them side by side.

Finally, self esteem shouldn't change because of what other people think of you. A golden rule is that teenagers are mean! People can be horrible but that shouldn't mean anything to you. Beauty and intellect and value are all in the eyes of the beholder. The kinds of people who will comment negatively on you are the kinds of people who have a negative view on themselves. And do you really want to be taking advice from them?I'll say good, as long as you answered no!

So, there you have it, my first post as part of 'Stress free September'. I hope you found all of this useful and it can make your month a little bit better. Have a fantastic time this week, I hope the school is good for you!

Thanks for Reading
El xox 


  1. This is lovely post and I agree with everything! I usually post about confidence but self esteem is the underlying reason that people don't feel confident.

    Sophie xx // One Unique

    1. Ahh thank you so much! I think self esteem is the step to happiness that a lot of people usually forget about! xox

  2. You said this so well.
    I used to be a very quiet kid who worried what others thought. However, I decided not to be like that and I am now a different person, I've learnt to love myself and people often tell me how confident I am, some thing I would never have imagine a few years ago.

    Abby x |

    1. Aww, I'm so glad that you've got that confidence now! That's something so great, I really admire that xox


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