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How to de-stress...

Stress: we all have it. Whether it comes from a bad day or you're just an overthinker, everyone agrees that it's terrible. Nothing is worse than the feeling of everything just piling up on top of you and getting so anxious that you can't see above the mountains anymore. You seem to have two choices, climb them or just give in. Here, I'm giving you a third options, I'm showing you how to turn them into a molehill. Now that I've finished that beautifully crafted metaphor, I'll get into the tips...

1- Take a step back. A problem I have is that I imagine worst case scenarios and then run with that. Something minor will happen and I'll end up looking twelve years into the future and envision myself living in a bin and eating beans out of a hat. I find it useful to write down bullet points on everything that's actually happened and then analyse them individually, kind of like I'm writing an 8 mark narrative account (my GCSE history people will know what I'm talking about!) Often, I'll realise that my worries were invalid in the first place. It's this change in perspective which is beneficial.

2- Talk to someone who cares about you. Getting a second opinion on a situation is helpful because they can see it from another point of view. If you're struggling to work things out for yourself, you might want to get someone else to do it for you! Now, I'm not advocating dumping your problems on someone else, but a trouble shared is a trouble halved. Everybody- and I mean everybody- needs reassurance in their life. It can be something so small but having someone on your side is just what you need.

3- Distractions are key. Thinking about how you did on a test won't change your result; reconsidering what you've said to someone isn't going to take back what you did; praying for it to be dry doesn't mean you shouldn't pack an umbrella. You're not always going to be able to sit in the sun, sometimes you'll have to learn to dance in the rain. Make the most of your situation! Don't sit and worry, just having a general conversation with someone can be nice. If you're really stressed, a distraction is just what you need, so pop on some Netflix and get on the phone with someone.

4- Just have a bath. Is this a northern thing? Baths (with a short a, obviously) just seem to be the solution to everything. Failed a test-bath. Lost your dog- bath. Got cramps- bath. Dropped 5p down a drain- bath. Just have a bath. Okay, I've said bath too much now, I have to stop.

That's the only advice I have. Do you believe that I'm not a professional now? Regardless, if you've enjoyed this post then take a look at the rest of Stress Free September and come back for the final installment. I know that this post has felt like a bit of a throw back to my early writing style, but I really enjoyed it and I hope you did too. Have a nice week!

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  1. This is a lovely post, El. I find that taking some time out and getting away from all of my problems lets me destress.

    Sophie xx // One Unique


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