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Awkward Things I've Over Thought

We all have that one moment of embarassment. You know the one I mean. It's the thing that, at 3am, when you're just about to fall asleep, your mind enjoys tormenting you with. Mine? A few years ago I was about to do a dance exam and one of the older girls asked how I was. I, answering her question (you can see where this is going) said 'oh good thanks'. It turns out she had asked my age. To which I replied 'oh good thanks'. 'OH GOOD THANKS'.

To this day, I still replay the incident in my head: and it's been three years. But, don't worry, things like that happen to me on a daily basis. For your pleasure, I thought I'd review some of these events hoping that it'll take some of the stress off of you. So, here is a comprehensive list of way's only I have managed to embarrass myself in the past month... 

-To understand this story, you first need to know the details. 1) Our schools key stage three reward system is based on how many 'golden tickets' you can earn  2) For the past 3 years, I have been counting them. So, it's period six on a Thursday and it's counting time. At the front of the library there's two boxes (year seven and eight) full of golden tickets. I take them to a table, just as a year seven tutor group settles down for some reading in the seated space. Me and a friend count them all fine- we're pros- and I go to take the boxes back. Now to understand this story you also need detail 3) the boxes are MASSIVE and 4) I'm 5'6 and have pretty long limbs. I attempt to carry both boxes under one arm: big mistake! I drop both of them onto myself in front of this full room of year sevens. Everyone's seen but I'm just stuck floundering underneath the boxes, unable to escape! Only, when my friend (who's finished dying laughing) comes can I remove the boxes from myself and hurry away before all of the year sevens laugh at me. People still point at me in the corridors.

- If you weren't aware, I live in the city of culture: Hull! At the start of September, there's always an event called 'Freedom Festival'. There's live music, and parades with French circuses and so many crepes! This year, it was attended by Kofi Annan (former secretary general of the UN) and Kofi Smiles (who is the official presenter for CoC stuff on the BBC). Luckily, it was the former of the two who I embarrassed myself in front of. It was a Friday night and I saw him sprinting through Fruit Market. My dad was like, 'Els look! It's Kofi Smiles!' I made direct eye contact with him and said 'Yay! Kofi Smilesss!' AND CLAPPED! LIKE A SEAL! It was possibly the most awkward (exaggeration) thing I have done in my life (even bigger exaggeration).  

- This next event happened at Freedom Festival again, but the night after. I had seen one of my best friends, on the Friday night, but never spoke to him because he's a very fast walker! I retold the story to him later so he said just to come say hi to him the next day. Fast forward to Saturday night; I see him with his dad and little brother (neither of whom had met me before). I decide- obviously- that the most logical thing to do is run through Fruit Market to go have a conversation with him. It went something like this...

Z- *laughing* Hey El, you alright?
E- Yeah, I'm really good. I saw you earlier and, like, shouted your name but you never heard me. I did take some creepy photos of you though *his dad laughs wildly*
Z- *laughing* That sounds like you, send them to me?
E- Yeah, I did. Anyway, I should probably get back to my family. Have a great night! Nice meeting you! *runs into the distance*

Apparently his dad actually really like me and thought I had a great sense of humour. I wasn't actually kidding, I did take the photos, but I will also gladly take the compliment and pretend that I didn't make a fool of myself.

- Seven minutes. In seven whole minutes, I had already made a fool of myself in front of my whole year group. I'd met my best friend before school and we both walked into the assembly together: which was weirdly held in the canteen! We were in the second row, relatively near the front and in the minutes following our entrance the whole dining space filled up. Our head of year (shout out to Miss H!) began her yearly lecture, when I felt the urge to cough. It was just a little- a very little- throat clear but she stopped in her tracks. She then said, 'Was that a polite cough, El?' It was soooo awkward. All of the people around me laughed as I put my head in my hands and just muttured out an apology. It was just a bad omen for the rest of the year!

Well, worse things have happened to me, but these are all a bit tragic! I'm one of those people who run through the day in their head: it's one of the reasons I can never get to sleep at night! Something that I've found helpful, is writing down all of the positive things down that have happened in that day. Sometimes, I'll write some of the stupid things down that I've done and that's okay too! I've learnt not to obsess over all of the little things and to understand the humour that accompanies it. I hope that you can do the same, and have an amazing week!

Thanks for Reading
El xx


  1. El, you're hilarious! These little awkward moment make you you and I think that you're fab! I'd love to actually meet you to experience you in all your awkward glory! lol

    Sophie xx // One Unique

    1. ahaha thank you Sophie! Stuff like this happens to me on a daily basis, it's so embarrassing! It takes a special person to be around me; you have to be really good at picking things up off the floor. And one of those things is usually me! xox

  2. This is a great post and I'm so glad you decided to share all these funny moments! I am such an awkward person and could tell many stories! Didn't realise you live quite close to my old home x

    Abby x

    1. I'm happy you liked it! My life is full of stuff like this, I think I might make more posts like this! You should too, share all of your stories! And yeah, I'm a Yorkshire girl, are you? xox


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