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What you Need For Back to School...

It's already this time of year again; obviously I'm thrilled. Of course this is the best part of summer with the perpetual worrying about getting the 'wrong' thing and all of the consideration you have to put into making sure your bag won't clash with your face. I mean, maybe that's not what you're thinking, but now you are, right? Is your backpack the wrong colour for you? I can't confirm it isn't, but I can guarantee that these items are all cute as hell.


VANS Snoopy Backpack- Currently, this back pack is sat in my wardrobe, waiting for the sixth of September. I saw it when I was in Cornwall and fell in love with it so ordered it as soon as I got home. My bag was VANS last year and was so well made (there's even a secret pocket)! This one is a dark navy with little drawings of skateboarding Snoopy all around. I've loved Snoopy since I was little and this is just a nice homage to him!

Michael Kors Over the Shoulder- I have never been more in love with a bag. It's a slate grey tote with the most gorgeous silver hardware throughout. Unfortunately, this bag is almost £200 so it will not be going straight in my basket. There are a lot of girls in my year who have similar bags and I have been assured that they are very hard wearing. Obviously, this is an investment piece but I do think it's worth it.

River Island Backpack- As you can probably tell, I'm a huge fan of backpacks. I think that they're a lot easier to carry because they spread the weight out equally across both shoulders. That way you can avoid adding back ache to your already full list of things to complain about. This back pack looked really sturdy but not in an overly heavy weigh. I adore all of the detailing, too. River Island seems to always be on the top of it's bag game so go check it out.

Pencil Cases:

Zoella Beauty Bag- You can buy a whole different range of these in Superdrug but I thought that this one was the most suitable. It's a pretty good size for pens, pencils etc but isn't too bulky. I actually have two of these pouches, a small one for makeup and one this size which I put nail polish in. I would really recommend them, not just for school, but for general storage!

Paperchase Dinosaur Case- All of the pencil cases that I've had have three pockets. One is for highlighters, the skinny middle one has my pair of scissors and the other has all of my necessary stationary. It's just quite convenient! I thought this Paperchase one was so cute. Come on, look at those little dinosaurs, they're adorable!

New Look Holo Case- Honestly, I'm not sure if I would buy this (what a glowing endorsement from El!) I can't really deal with texture and apparently this is really fuzzy; there is no way I could buy it. I'm not sure what it is, but having something that feels a certain way does gross me out a little bit. Nothing against the case- it looks like a decent size, and who doesn't love holo?- but I just couldn't!


Doc Marten Mary Janes- This is a combination of my two favourite things: Docs and Mary Janes. Okay, maybe not my absolute favourite things but you get the gist. I used to think that my feet were to slim for Docs ( first world problems) but then I bought a pair of skinny fits and never looked back. They're completely water proof and and can survive anything so I use them all the time. You can also get vegan pairs. If that hasn't sold you then I don't know what will.  

Clarks Slip Ons- The rain will kill you. There's my pre-warning! My friend had shoes like this and every time it rained she'd get to school, take off her shoes, then squeeze off her socks. She would then proceed to walk the halls barefoot until first period, where she'd take all of her stuff and put it in a tumble dryer in P.E. If you learn anything from this story, it's to befriend the PE teachers in year seven because they WILL be school long  friends. That was all quite an irrelevant annecdote; if you can deal with all of that, then these shoes are perfect for you. I think that they're really pretty to be honest. The front bit (tassels?) are removable so they are just nice and simple.  

F&F Brogues- Shoes like this will never go out of style. Brogues have been in for the past five years and I think we've gone too far to look back. They're just a practical all round shoe! I would say that they're quite androgynous which has been really huge for the past year: a trend that I appreciate (I live in mens T-Shirts). However, they can also look quite feminine. This pair is just super affordable which I also appreciate!

And that concludes that! I hope you enoyed reading this. It's the first in a series of back to school posts so come back next week if you want more. It will be back to my new essay style next week so please come and give that a read. Also, add me to your circles on Google +. Have an amazing day!

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