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The Logistics of High School

I assure you, this is an immensely well thought through theory. My best friend and I have been working on this for the past year and we've both been experiencing the horrors of high school for much time prior to that. But, we have finally decided to share our work with the world. In this time of need (two and a half weeks until most English kids go back to school) it is imperative to ev
eryone that you are blessed with our genius.

Our hypothesis' main body is that high school is a game. Some people play it well without realising. Those are the people who seem to sweep through without a blip. You'll either have a healthy amount of respect for them or forget they exist. Whether making a positive impression or flying under the radar: both of those groups are dominating the game. Unfortunately, there is always the flip side. You definitely know who's losing. They're the people who've fallen from grace in a spectacular way; the people who's terrible reputation precedes them; the people who've been facebook stalked and dragged on your groupchat on multiple occasions (don't even lie, we have ALL done that).

You don't have to be a winner or a loser, to be on top, you just have to hack the game. And I have basically all of the cheat codes! The golden rule: you must need a good balance of success and popularity. 

There are a lot of subjective definitions of these words; for this theory they have specific meanings so let's start with success. I would say that it has three different levels to master: education, respect and who you're friends with/ your connections. Having success in education is- as the government would think- the main aim of school. Period. But... it does help to stay on top as long as it's in proportion to other things. Do not, however, become dumber than you really are because that is not going to help with your future. For this game though, your grades does count toward your accumulated success. Next up, respect.

Their are a few ways to earn it but, again, three main. You need to have kindness toward people. This just makes you a decent human being if I'm honest. I think noticeably kind and caring people are so valuable and great. The next way is through giving. Not being a philanthropist: mainly with answers. I do not condone cheating on tests but help people out if you've done a test before them; put the homework onto a group chat; offer round your Haribos. That's just easy. Finally, you have to have respectable friendships that are full of integrity. Part of this is having the right connections (with popular people) and part is having valuable links with anyone. Me and my best friend aren't super popular but people know how close we are, which is a respectable connection. Still following? Good!

The last component for you to master is popularity. To conventionally 'win' you need a lot of popularity, but to hack the game you just need to have an equal measure with the amount of respect you have. There are lots of little bits to gage how popular you are. There's a lot of bigggg parties thrown at my school, mainly attended by the people at the top of the food chain. Food also links to my next point of cafeteria tables. In my school, if you have a permanent eating location it shows people respect you enough not to take it. There's a table of the boys, the girls, and then the mixed one (who you don't make eye contact with unless you want to die). I feel like popularity is quite a self explanatory thing. It's easy for everyone in your year to see so you'll know who and what you need to climb that ladder.

Did you manage to get through this post? If you answered yes, then you can succeed in high school as well. I don't have much time left there but I'm glad I've been able to depart this knowledge on to all of you. Have an amazing week xox


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    1. Thank you so much Sinead! That means a lot xox

  2. Well said, El! I completely agree with you

    Sophie xx //


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