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The Last Days of Summer

Snapchat Conversation (between me and a friend)
El- 'Buzzed for school?'
Z- 'Not really. You?'
El- 'Naah, not at all.'

In all honesty, I was hoping for a different answer. He should have said, 'I'm actually really nervous for September' or 'The transition'- all teens use the term 'transition':fact- 'of years had really got me worried'. It then would have given me the perfect opportunity to tell someone how much I'm dreading next year. I've been running over every little detail in my mind and reviewing exactly what could go wrong; obviously that hasn't helped with my stress levels.

What if the amount of work is over whelming? I'm in all top sets next year so I know that it'll be intense. The worst part of it is that a lot of my peers are just naturally gifted. They don't put in much effort and get a comfortable 70% yet I revise for two weeks straight and just manage to scrape 60%. It's irritating to tire…

The Logistics of High School

I assure you, this is an immensely well thought through theory. My best friend and I have been working on this for the past year and we've both been experiencing the horrors of high school for much time prior to that. But, we have finally decided to share our work with the world. In this time of need (two and a half weeks until most English kids go back to school) it is imperative to ev
eryone that you are blessed with our genius.

Our hypothesis' main body is that high school is a game. Some people play it well without realising. Those are the people who seem to sweep through without a blip. You'll either have a healthy amount of respect for them or forget they exist. Whether making a positive impression or flying under the radar: both of those groups are dominating the game. Unfortunately, there is always the flip side. You definitely know who's losing. They're the people who've fallen from grace in a spectacular way; the people who's terrible reputation pre…

What you Need For Back to School...

It's already this time of year again; obviously I'm thrilled. Of course this is the best part of summer with the perpetual worrying about getting the 'wrong' thing and all of the consideration you have to put into making sure your bag won't clash with your face. I mean, maybe that's not what you're thinking, but now you are, right? Is your backpack the wrong colour for you? I can't confirm it isn't, but I can guarantee that these items are all cute as hell.

VANS Snoopy Backpack- Currently, this back pack is sat in my wardrobe, waiting for the sixth of September. I saw it when I was in Cornwall and fell in love with it so ordered it as soon as I got home. My bag was VANS last year and was so well made (there's even a secret pocket)! This one is a dark navy with little drawings of skateboarding Snoopy all around. I've loved Snoopy since I was little and this is just a nice homage to him!
Michael Kors Over the Shoulder- I have never been mor…

The Best Summer of My Life

This will be the summer that I fall back in love with life. It's not that I'm currently out but I feel like I've lost my zest, like some of the sparkle has been drowned out. Honestly, I am still trying to recover from the past school year. Things have been quite difficult. I've made and lost friends, struggled with school work and only just managed to keep myself above water. I had to invest so much into staying afloat and all of the effort I put into every aspect of life made me lose some passion. For me, at least, passion comes from something you choose to do and choose to love; all of the things I did became less from choice and more from sheer necessity.  

That urge to keep swimming spurred me forward through the days and the weeks and the months. I knew that I was only surviving, not really living and that's never what I wanted to be doing. So, during all of it, I promised myself that summer would be perfect. I have been building up an image of a summer so good…