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People that Shaped Me

Hi Guys,

I'm back with the last installment of this mini series. I hope you've been enjoying reading it as much as I have writing; most of all, I hope that you feel like you've learnt a little more about me. Over the past month, I've had so much nostalgia from looking back in my life and thinking about the effect that my experiences have had on me. I challenge you to spend some time doing that yourself so, before you read this, STOP and think back to your favourite time in life. Done that? Good! Let's get on with the post... 

Emma Watson- What a power woman? Are there any millennial girls who haven't been effected by Emma? The answer is no. Definitely no! To start with, she was in Harry Potter, which is an amazing franchise. I've heard that she really didn't like acting in them but those films were what inspired me to take up drama. I wouldn't be getting my BTEC without her! Obviously, there is all of the other work she's done, too. Emma was the founder of the He for She campaign which supported everyone being in favour of equal rights. I had to research it for a project in year seven and ever since then I've been hooked on feminism. As an icon for many teenage girls, Watson has a standard to maintain, and she never let's it slip. I don't know how, but I do know that she is the level of female that I aspire to be!

Steph McGovern- Yes, I am a teenage girl; yes, I do watch BBC News. Now we've had all of that cleared up I can continue. Journalism is still a male dominated industry (and 95% of British journalists are white. Just let that sink it) so I always find it refreshing to see a female face. In addition to this, I grew up with the classic media arrangement of 'man does everything and pretty woman sits and watches'. I'm not saying that Steph isn't beautiful- everyone is in their own ways- but she is definitely in control. She really changed the way that I saw journalism and let me know that women can be just as skilled in presenting as their male counterparts.

Hannah Witton- Weirdly enough, I'm writing this whilst watching her videos! It's not just her current presence that has influenced her place on the list: I already had her name in my notes section. Honestly, she was one of the ones that I thought of first names on that list and there are quite a few reasons. Her videos are so empowering! She makes videos, aimed at women, about positivity in all areas of life which is great. I just find her quite encouraging which has changed me because it's nice to have a motivational figure in my life!

My Dance Teacher- I've danced since I was really little, but only started lyrical two years ago. I had never done ballet before that point so it was kind of hard for me; on top of that, the teacher I had was a complete stranger. I'd never had her for other lessons so I was a bit awkward at first. I wish I hadn't been, because she brought me completely out of my shell. The amount of support she (and the girls in my class) has given me has been unreal. I've always been put at the back of dances and it really knocked me. It might have just been a height thing, but my overthinking mind made me believe I wasn't good enough. My amazing teacher noticed that lack of confidence and put me right in the center. It may seem like nothing, but her encouragement and kindness has really changed who I am today.

That's the end. I'm kind of sad to let this series go... I might have to reprise it later. Add me on Google + and leave me a comment with other categories of things that have shaped me. Don't forget to have a wonderful week!

Thanks for Reading


  1. I've gone to dance for years but my teacher changes basically every term and the girls are all quite a bit younger than me so I left but I'm looking for a new place to go with older people and a more permanent teacher who will support and encourage me. It's nice to read that you had a good experience dancing and that your teacher is supportive of you :)

    Abby |

    1. Aww I hope you find somewhere ! I know that a lot of people have very negative experiences within the dance world but it's honestly brought me nothing but joy; I hope you feel the same soon too xx


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