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Films That Shaped Me

Hi Guys,

It's week three! Can you believe we've made it this far? It feels like only yesterday I was sitting down and coming up with the idea for this series: in reality, it was March. Time has flown by. Then again, I wouldn't want it any other way because this year has been pretty good. If you've missed anything I've been doing this year then go have a look in the archives and if you've missed any of the other posts in this series, check the bar at the top. For now, lets get into it...

Pretty Woman- I watched this for the first time a few months ago and I was genuinely moved. I found the plot so touching and it was just beautiful. Toward the start I had a lot of rants over messenger to my friend; the best quote from my rant was, 'They're all being mean to her because she's a prostitute but they haven't given her a chance and she's a really good person'. I feel like that pretty much sums up the film! The best line from the film was, 'The bad stuff is easier to believe'. It comes at the emotional bit where they're lying in the bed sharing their life stories. I thought that was the best part because Viv really struck a chord with me. It's changed my view in so many ways; not to judge people until you know them; don't believe what people say; never settle for less than the fairy tale.

Toy Story- 'To infinity and beyond' is my favourite movie quote ever. Buzz and Woody and Mr Potato head are just the best! (Controversial opinion) I'm not actually a Disney fan...I have nothing against it, but I've never liked it like most people. Toy story is the one exception to that rule. It was such an iconic part of my childhood; it taught me a lot. All of the characters had the individual lessons that came with them. Most importantly, it shows how much you need to treasure friendship. I really need to rewatch Toy Story, after writing this I'm feeling pretty nostalgic!

The Parent Trap-  It was my favourite filming growing up (and, to be honest, still is now!) and my aim was always to be as old as the twins. It's so weird knowing that I'm quite a bit past them now!  Hands down, the best part is when Hallie and Elizabeth are under her bed and Hal reveals that she isn't really Annie. When I was younger that scene didn't really have much relevance to me- obviously I enjoyed it anyway- but as I've gotten older it's really sunk in how much that moment represents the bond between mother and daughter. I'd say that is the number one thing it's taught me: family is so important.

Clueless- I love a bit of 90s trash and this film just epitomises it! I'm using trash as a compliment here because, to be honest, that's my favourite genre. Anything that's tacky and probably has a low budget sound track is just screaming my name. Clueless is so good! Seriously, the amount they talk about 'Marky Mark' is just hilarious! I thought it was really good because it's one of those movies that feels like it's done in ten minutes (in a good way). Cher goes on a journey through the film that is really special to watch. She goes from being quite shallow and unable to see people's feelings, to having a lot of depth and sharing her love with all of her friends. The romance is also great. Some people think's it's a little bit weird, but I quite like it! 

That's where I'm going to leave it. Have you seen any of these films? Tell me in the comments what your favourite films are and give me some recommendations. Also, add me in Google + so I can be at 200 by October.

Thanks for Reading


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