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Books That Shaped Me

Hi Guys,

Today I'm doing the first post in a new series! This month the theme of all of my posts is going to be things that have shaped me. What that basically means is that I'm going to be making a list of things, that fit a certain category, and discussing how they've changed who I am today. I think this will be a really good way of you getting to know me more and it will be useful for me to analyse myself more! I'm kicking of the moth with a collection of books so I hope you enjoy...

To Kill A Mocking Bird- I actually first read this quite recently. When I say recently, I mean about four months ago but I haven't  had much time- revision has taken over- for reading at the moment. I knew how hyped this book was before I read it but I didn't think that I'd enjoy it as much as I did. Even if you don't like the story line, I think everybody has some level of respect and appreciation for the novel. It made me realise that I needed to read more 40's and 50's literature but that obviously wasn't the only way it shaped me. To Kill a Mocking Bird changed my perspective on the 30's south and it made me re-evaluate my views on how much society has progressed. I would strongly recommend it!

Harry Potter- Who wasn't changed by this series? Reading these books was the first time that I became addicted to a series. I read the Half Blood Prince in three days. That is a hefty book! When I finished them all, Harry Potter was still the only thing I could think about. I watched all of the films, I got all of the merch, I read all of the fan theories! I was a bit of a mad fangirl. To anyone who said it, I refused to admit that it could be possibly be a phase... I'm sure you can all guess that it was! I don't think that matters though because it still made a difference to me. Without Harry Potter in my life, I never would have discovered my love for fantasy or my enjoyment of Emma Watson. The whole series kind of lead me into uncovering feminism (Hermione is sheer perfection!) 

Fangirl- The main thing that made this book so perfect to me was the characters. Cath was one of the first fictional creations who actually felt real to me because I related to her situation completely. When I first read the book, it wasn't clear to me that Cath was meant to have social anxiety: realising it was fantastic! Seeing a character who was so much like me felt refreshing and it made me feel normal, without having to compare myself to these other YA girl who had their lives perfectly together. Fangirl had an effect on me because it helped me to accept myself more by understanding that I didn't have to hold myself to the same standard as the other fictional girls.

Ruby Redfort- This series made me realise my love for tacky detective shows! Honestly, is that not a blessing in itself? My mum bought me the first one just after it came out; I think I was about nine or ten. The last one came out in November so I grew up with the characters through a solid chunk of my life. I would always ask for the next book in the series and read it on a night instead of going to Hull Fair. That's such an irrelevant detail but the times I spent huddled up on the sofa with a good book in my hand were honestly some of the best. It taught me the joys of reading and made me realise what a fan I am of a good murder mystery.

That's all I'm going to talk about. I've decided to leave it there because I am very much aware of how long this post is. tell me in the comments if you liked it and let me know what you've been reading recently. Also, don't forget to add me to your circles on Google + so I can be at 200 by October. Have a great week!

Thanks for Reading


  1. I love Fangirl, and Harry Potter! Eleanor and Parker massively influenced me. I've also recently read Finding Audrey which is definitely a recommendation!

    Sophie xx

    1. I really enjoyed Eleanor and Park, I think it was good but I wasn't a big fan of the end. I actually read Finding Audrey and really loved it! xox

  2. To kill a mockingbird is one of my favourite books. I recently read - The boy made of blocks. It really touched me it's about a father bonding with his autistic son by playing mind craft.

    1. I adore To Kill a Mocking Bird! I've never heard of 'The Boy made of Blocks' but it sounds really interesting so I'll have to have a look xox


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