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More Fiction ft A Very Extended Metaphor!

Hi Guys,

So this is my second non-fiction post! My first was in April and it's taken me this long to upload another. I've had every post scheduled up to this post but I really wanted to upload this so I'm doing it! I  hope you enjoy it; I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments! Here it goes...

Through the glass window it was all clear to everyone. We were the perfect group. The loud one, the funny one, the pretty one, the smart one and the mess. Don't look at the individuals, in fact, look at the collective. Look through the glass at the people who love each other, but don't forget the most important rule. Never break the glass.

Once it's shattered, you see what was behind it all along. Then you start to realise that it was never clear to begin with. From the start, it had been opaque. The image of he group was distorted: warped to our advantage. Looking in, you thought you saw the whole thing but we positioned ourselves. We were the queens, with each move perfectly calculated to take out the pawns. The game had always been black and white for us. The colour was on the outside.

We didn't want it in. The bright lights and the spectrum of shades just wasn't for us because we were conditioned against it. Having the colour meant letting in the pain. We were told not to invite it, just to stay in the shade. The chess board was where we were meant to be. It was where I was meant to be. At least, I thought so, until someone broke the window. 

Then I could step out. The sun hit my face; the colours flooded to me all at once; I was free. It was relieving. Until it wasn't. All at once, I became overwhelmed. I wanted the board back so I could calculate the play. I wanted the board back so I could contemplate other moves. I wanted the board back so I could have the other players. 

Out here, I was alone.

And that's it. I tried to create an extended metaphor, and ended up with two very messy ones. To be honest, I'm still quite proud of myself! Please don't forget to add me to your circles on Google +. Have a great week!

Thanks for Reading


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