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Halfway Point: Making way for Change

Hi Guys,

We're a little over half way though the year! Can you believe that it's almost over? I'm normally a glass half full kind of girl, but when it comes to time, I am always shocked. I talk about it too much: this is like how I would always write about the weather last year! 

That's not the only thing that's changed about me since last year, though. So much can happen in the space of six months. I didn't realise that I had as much strength in me as I've recently shown; I never knew that life could throw this much at me. Things have been, well, interesting but I know it's for a reason. See, at the beginning of 2017, me and my best friend set out to have our 'year of self discovery'. It was going to be amazing. We were to become new people by the end of it, which was obviously what we wanted. 

That failed after less than a month. It was after a collection of bad days that we both started beating ourselves up about. How was it that we weren't capable of having the perfect year? It seemed like a huge thing for us because it was something we really wanted to achieve. In the end we realised that it was the pressure to make it great that was really affecting us. You have bad days, you have bad weeks. You can even have bad months (trust me!) but that does not define you or your year. Taking everyday as it comes is something that we learnt to cherish and are now happy with making the most of.

We both changed our tone from the start of the year: but that's okay! Change can be feared and viewed as such a negative thing but in the end, it happens for a reason. I'm a huge believer in fate, so I understand that the struggles people face are for a reason. A change can bring all sorts of things into your life and can make such a positive impact so people need to start accepting it. I'm not saying to invite it with open arms, but if it comes, say hi, and just let it happen.

I am very happy to say, that that philosophy is the one I want to carry through. I only have half of the time left, however, I can make it count. My dream is that by January I can say how proud of myself I am. I would love to be able to recognise how far I've come and just admire that. Some people may say it's self centered. To those people, I have pity. If they are unable to see the wonders of self-belief and self-confidence without thinking that it is arrogance and rudeness, they need to reassess their opinions. But hey, that's just mine!

I want to know what my 2018 'thing' will be. There isn't soon until we find out, to be honest! Maybe it'll be the weather (yet again!), maybe it'll be good intros (I haven't forgotten!), maybe it'll be using less brackets (this is a bit ironic), or maybe it'll be something completely different. Either way, I'm not scared of the change and you shouldn't be either!

Thanks for Reading


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