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To Kill a Mocking Bird- Harper Lee: Book Review!

Hi Guys,

Today I'm uploading a book review, but probably not the one you're expecting. I would normally be uploading a review of a book in the 'Zoella Book Club' but I haven't actually got any further in reading them. I've been accumulating a lot of other stuff and I've been reading most of it first so the other books have been pushed aside. I did want to review a book, though and I've been hinting to a 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' review for a long time: so here it is!

To Kill a Mocking Bird is set in the south of America, some time in the thirties. It follows Scout Finch, a young girl, who is growing up in a time of adversity for many. Her father- Atticus- is a lawyer who has taken the case of Tom Robinson. Seemingly innocent, will Atticus be able to prove that to the village: whose bias makes them believe any black man is a criminal. The trial, amongst other life lessons, unfold through the eyes of Scout and her brother Jem in this truly iconic novel.

I do not believe that I can say how beautiful this novel is. It's a classic for a reason so I would strongly advise you to read it. The way it was written from a child's perspective made it so much more interesting. It was the lack of understanding from Scout's part that- I think- made it so good. The innocence and  unbiased nature that she had just made the story more intriguing. I've heard a lot of people saying that it was a slow book to get in to but I disagree. I thought that the childhood bit was really fun and just a nice easy read to kick it off.

In terms of characters, I've never read a book where I loved them this much! If one of my future children isn't named after any of the Finchs, I will be very surprised! Scout is the kind of girl I aspire to be (even if she is a lot younger than me) and Jem is the kind of person I'd love to be friends with. Atticus was so perfect and stunningly written and Calpurnia was just the cherry on top. Everyone was so beautifully crafted: I could just read a novel about each of them.

I honestly can't say a bad word about To Kill A Mockingbird. I think it's claimed the position of my favourite book; I know it's one that I'll always want to reread. Tell me in the comments what you thought about! Also, don't forget to add me to your circles on Google + so I can reach 175 followers on Google +! I hope you have an amazing week!

Thanks for Reading 


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