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What I got for my Birthday!

Hi Guys,

I can't believe it's rolled around to my birthday already. It seems like Christmas was a couple of days ago. This year is going by so fast: it's scaring me! I'm not too sure if I did a 'What I got for my birthday' last year [Note from editing El... I didn't!] but I thought it would be fun if I did one this year. I've been wanting to make my blog seem more personal (that's why I'm starting to call myself El) and I thought there would be no better time then to start now! Side note - just in case this wasn't already the longest intro in history- to keep the length of this post down, I haven't included everything that I received but I'm extremely greatful for all of it!

Topshop Lucas Jeans- For anyone who's been a long time reader, I think you'll know that I love anything indie! These jeans are just it. They have the rolled up legs which has been a huge trend recently; it's one I'm all about. Having it rolled is especially good for people with long legs because it looks like your jean are meant to be short (I can't buy normal jeans that are long enough for my legs). In addition to this, I adore the ripped knees. I'm not a big fan of excessive rippage so having a lot in one are is really great for me because it doesn't feel like overkill.

A New Jacket- My jeans and this jacket has been such a good combination for me this week! If you'd like to see them together there's a picture of me in them on my instagram (go give me a cheeky follow whilst your there!) which I think looks really cute. It was from Topshop and I could not like it more. It's really different to anything I've ever owned but in such a good way. Topshop are really killing the game right now! 

Pink Nomination Stone- Everything on my bracelet has a special meaning behind it and this is no exception! Legally Blonde is my favourite musical and if you've seen it, you'll know that Elle's signature colour is pink. I decided to honour that with this charm. It seems a bit stupid and trivial- maybe it is- but it's taught me so much about acceptance. I just like seeing a daily reminder! [BTW the link is to a charm that is similar but not the same].

Films- So this year I was given 'Dirty Dancing', 'Star Trek' and 'Star Trek: Into Darkness'. I saw the third Star Trek film lately and I absoloutely loved it! One of my best friends told me that 'Into Darkness' was the best of the three, though. My mum got me the first two in a set, just so I could see if he was right! I was given 'Dirty Dancing' because everyone was mad at the fact that I hadn't seen it. I'm a massive musical fan and this is a classic so I'm very excited to watch it!

Nineteen Eighty Four- This is a book by George Orwell, for anyone who wasn't aware. It's a modern classic and I've been really trying to get into that genre. As an avid reader, people have always tried to push me into the classic but I just don't enjoy them. Old classics are just something I can't read. Then I read 'Animal Farm' and 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' and I realised that modern American literature was my genre!

Okay, they're the only five things that I'm going to mention because I'm aware of how long this post is already. I feel like I need to do the usual disclaimer that none of that was bragging, it was just a bit of birthday inspiration for anyone who doesn't know what to ask for! Most of the other stuff I got will be making an Instagram appearance in the next couple so make sure to follow me for that! I hope you have a really good Easter!

Thanks for Reading


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