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April Favourites!

Hi Guys,

Today I'm back with a monthly favourites. But first, an apology! I'm so sorry that I didn't manage to post anything last week: school just got really on top of me. There has been so much revision to do, it's literally been killing me! Luckily- before I went insane!- I managed to get some me time and write this post. So without further ado, here's some of what I've been loving this month...

Hard Times by Paramore- I've just started getting into Paramore so their new releases are coming at a really good time. I started listening to them through Emma Blackery's top 20 Paramore songs playlist and just dived further into their work. This new single is the first one that had been released from their new album (called After Laughter ) and it really sets the tone. I'm so excited for a full album of their new sound because it will be great to see where they take it.

Young and Menace by Fall Out Boy- Again, a music favourite! FoB new album MANIA comes out on the 15th of Sepetember and I am counting down the days. I love all of their music and this single really solidified that for me. If the album is at the same standard- which it definitley will be!- then I really hope they tour near me. Seeing 'Sugar, We're Going Down' live would just be incredible.

Star Trek- A while back, I decided that I couldn't properly call myself a nerd if I hadn't seen Star Trek. I got the third one on DVD just after new year and it was so good! I've watched them in a bit of a stupid order now, though, which is a shame. I've got the second one left to watch which I am very excited for! I really want to get that done this weekend so I will definitely be Instagramming about that! 

Morphe 35O- This was a birthday gift but I forgot to mention it in my post! The 35O has really revolutionised the way I do my makeup. The shades are so complimentary to green eyes: they just look so great. I'm not the most skilled at makeup but even I can 
manage to make these colours work! Honestly, just all of the Morphe palletes are amazing.

Next Flowers Perfume- I can't remember if I've mentioned this in a previous post or not! It smells amazing! I've been putting it on before school and it honestly stays on all day. Perfume just isn't something I'm into but I get so many compliments about this that I can't stop. I would definitely recommend going into a store and picking one of these up.   

And that's it. Obviously there were more but I've got the worst memory. Keep checking up on my Insta for more posts through out the week, and make sure to follow it! Also, add me on Google + so I can reach 170 followers by the end of the month. Hope you had a great week!

Thanks for Reading


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