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A Guide to Hull!

Hi Guys,

This weeks post is going to be a bit different to what I normally do. As you might know, Hull is the 2017 City of Culture. I am lucky enough to have lived here for a while so I have been seeing the effect that the award has had on my home. One of these has been that it has got so much busier! So, if you are going to be coming to Hull this year, here are some of my favourite places!

1) Galleries- There are a couple that I absoloutely love to visit. The main is, obviously, Ferens. It's in the city center and has recently been refurbished. I used to go there all the time when I was little and remember having some favourite paintings. The pride of lions was always the one that I had to go and see! After it's refurbishment I was worried about how many of the classics were still going to be there: they all are! As well as that, there are even some new ones! The 'gold wall' is perfect for instagram!

2)The Indie Wall- This isn't it's actually name: just what I like to refer to it as! Basically, it's a wall full of graffiti, which everyone from Hull has taken a photo in front of at least once. I've been a couple of times but last time I went I was wearing a really good outfit. It was freezing but I wanted the picture so I took about 1000 photos in the space of a minute and then ran back down the stairs and put my coat on! You can find the wall in Fruit Market, which is near the marina.

3) The Avenues- The two that I recommend are Newland and Chanterlands! There are 3 streets (I think!) that join the two together, which just have houses on. They are very nice houses, but I don't think a trip to them would be particularly interesting! My favourite shops down Newland are Tessies and obviously Gelato. You can get some great cookie dough from there! (Side note, if you are old enough to drink, the bar scene is meant to be excellent!) Chants is good for cute cafes, the best- in my opinions- being Vinatge Cafe. Go follow their Instagram!

4) The Blade- This is a piece of art work that has really split opinions in the city! When it first got here, I wasn't really too sure what it was, to be honest. I though that by blade, it meant a giant knife! It turns out that it is one of the wings from a windmill. It does look good in photos but in real life... I'm not trying to be controversial but I'm not sure if I like it! It adds a bit of interest but I just don't get it!

5)Liquid Jade- Cute cafes are my everything! Liquid Jade actually isn't a cafe: it's a tea shop. It sells bespoke teas: doesn't it sound amazing? It's in Zebedee's Yard which is a street just off of Whitefriagate so it is a bit tricky to find, but it is worth it! The service is amazing and the food. THE FOOD! I have never had better brownies in all of my life! If the cakes don't make an appearance on Instagram, the adorable, picture lined walls have to!

Those are my five favourite places in Hull. There are so many great locations so just come and have a look around for yourself. I promise you will fall in love with this city! If you want to see more of my content, add me to your circles on Google +. I would like 160 followers by the end of the month so please follow me! Have a great week!

Thanks for Reading


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