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What I got for Christmas 2016...

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my very delayed 'What I got for Christmas!' I probably should have uploaded it a while ago but I had a post re-written from before Christmas up to now. If you really want to see late, come back next week for my 2016 favourites! But let's stop thinking about the future and look to the past... here's the highlights of what I got for Christmas!

1) A New Ukulele! - I got my first ukulele last Christmas but really got into playing it during summer. My old ukulele was red and pretty cute but my new one is beautiful. It's a dark brown wood and the sound is amazing! It has a much fuller sound and I am in loooove!

2) Timberlands - Those boots are so good! I really liked my rip-offs that I brought from Primark a couple of months ago but I always wanted some real ones. I got them in a khaki green which I feel suits my personal style. I really love the original ones but the green just grabbed my attention!

3) Perfumes - Two amazing perfumes were under the tree for me this year. I had asked for 'The Library of Fragrance: Sunshine' perfume. It smells like vanilla and happiness. I'm so bad at describing smells! The next perfume I got was 'Next:Flowers'. I had previously been a fan of Daisy but, after trying it again, kind of went off it. I sprayed this and Oh My God it smells fantastic!

4) Lush and Soap and Glory - I've never actually owned any soap and glory but it is great. The hand cream is so moisturising and I can already feel the difference compared to my body shop one. Can I just add that the packaging is so cute! Be expecting that picture to make an appearance on my Instagram too (Follow Me!). Also, I was given a lot of Lush products! I'm hoping I'll be able to use them until my birthday, but I've already used about half! It does just give me a great excuse to go into the shop, though!  

5) Liquid Lipsticks - This is one of the things that I really  wanted from my list. They are the four 'mini matte me's' by Sleek. If you were here a couple of weeks ago, you might remember these popping up in another post. They are just as good as I expected! I'm hoping to grow my collection so I might make a full post abut them later in the year!

6) Running Stuff- Ok, the last item I will be talking about are my running clothes! I got two of the pieces from Little Mix's USA Pro collection. They are both in the same design because I couldn't pick between the two. One is a vest with a loose back and the other is a decorative crop top. I'm tying to get back into running this year so I can't wait to do it in style!

That's it for this weeks post! Thanks you to everyone who got me anything: I am so grateful! Tell me in the comments what you got for Christmas and if you liked this post don't forget to share it. Also, add me to your circles!

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