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My 2016 Favourites!

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my 2016 favourites! It's been 21 days since last year, but it feels like only yesterday that I was counting down the seconds. In the world of politics, celebrities and, well, pretty much everything last year wasn't too great! Personally, my 2016 was quite good! There were a lot of things I loved throughout the year but I've condensed this post into just nine . If you look back through the archives, most of these things will probably have been mentioned, but I thought I'd put them all together! After that very long intro, let's get started...

  • Cosmopolitan- Before this year, I would really only read Vogue. That was literally the snobbiest sentence ever but it's true! Then, in Mayish, I picked up Cosmopolitan and absolutely loved it! The articles are fantastic; they write for the average person; Inge the beauty editor is sooo nice (I met her at Clothes Show and it was fantastic!). Seriously, just pick up a copy!
  • Prison Break- Moving straight on to something completely different! This show is incredible! I only started watching because Wenworth Miller was in it but I'm so glad I did. Although it's extremely violent, there is still a plot which is great; in programmes like that it can sometimes get lost. Just like Cosmo, I cannot recommend this highly enough! 
  • Instagram- I started an Instagram account for my blog! I feel like I talk about this every week but go and follow me. I'm trying really hard this year... I have a theme and everything!
  • Nakd Bars- The Coco Nakd Bars are incredible! I never really though I'd like them but they are fantastic. They taste great but are actually healthy. It might be an acquired taste, to be honest. I think it's just normal chocolate but a couple of people have described it as tasting like grass! 
  • Nomination Bracelet- My Nomination Bracelet has really filled up this year. I have six charms and all of them have an individual meaning. That is one of the main reasons I like it: it is so personal! Nobody's bracelet is the same which gives them a really unique twist. I hope that in 2017 I'll be able to fill mine.
  • OGX Argan Oil- I have super curly hair and this has helped to make it 10000 times less frizzy. I recently spoke about this in a post, so I'll link that. If you don't have enough time to read it, the gist was: it's AMAZING!
  • Believers Never Die by Fall Out Boy- Possibly my favourite album ever. I was never into Fall Out Boy until early spring. I listened to this album and fell in love with their sound. At the time the album came out, this music was revolutionary and it's changed my whole opinion on pop/rock. My favourite song in this album is 'What a Catch, Donnie' but my favourite FOB song ever is 'Uma Thurman'.
  • The Pretty Little Liars Book Series- The only reason I bought these books is because I didn't have Netflix and wanted to know what all of the hype was about. I found out through this series! They are well written, hilarious and just an easy read. I actually watched the first couple of episodes of PLL and couldn't get into it. Never mind, I've always got the other 3 book arcs to read!
  • Converse- Words cannot do justice to how much I love these shoes. I've gone through about 3 pairs and loved every single one. I'm currently obsessed with the rose gold ones I got for my birthday. They are soooo pretty! And super comfortable. Again, go and get yourself a pair!
So that is the end! Congratulations, if you reached this point! That took some commitment. If you got here leave a comment and don't forget to add me to your circles on Google +. With that said, have a great day and come back next week if you'd like to read more!

Thanks for Reading


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