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Frozen Charlotte- Alex Bell: Book Review!

Hi Guys,

This is the 2nd installment of this seasons 'Zoella Book Club' reviews. I've been doing all of these in the past couple of months; feel free to catch up using the bar at the top. With that very short intro, lets get on with the review!

As always, I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum!

'Frozen Charlotte' is a book following a teen called Sophie. After being persuaded to use a Ouija board she tries to speak to her dead cousin, Rebecca. This results in the death of Jay (Sophie's best friends). To add to the terror, she has to go and stay with her Uncle and his creepy family. There's the scarred Cameron; Lillias, with a fear of bones; Piper is a little too good to be true; and of course, the Charlotte dolls!

This plot kept me terrified! I get scared so easily but this book took it to another level! I went through phases of fear, with some bits being just creepy and other parts making me too scared to go upstairs! I found it so engaging and wonderfully written. I've never read anything like this before - as you can guess, I'm not into horror!- but I still thought it was great.

Unfortunately, I was not able to fully read the last 50 pages. This was because I got way too scared. I'm making myself sound like a baby but I was seriously creeped out. Three seperate people got their eyes gauged out. What about that isn't disturbing?!?

Moving on to the characters, I thought that they were really well written. Their personalities were built up in layers, which really added to the suspense. Uncovering the different elements of their personalities was really chilling but so well written: I still enjoyed it!

As you can tell, I don't really have much criticism for this book. if you enjoy horror films, I think that this will be for you but if, like me, you scare easily, I might give this one a miss. That's just my opinion though so if you thought something else, tell me in the comments. Don't forget to add me to your circles so I can reach 150 followers by the 1st of February: I know we can do it!

Thanks for Reading


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