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Finding Audrey- Sophie Kinsella: Book Review!

Hi Guys,

It feels like ages since I've written one of my Zoella Book Reviews! To be honest, it has been because I normally just sit and pre-write loads at once! I've actually read a lot of this season' books but haven't written the reviews: I really need to get on with that! But for now, let's get on with the review at hand, of Finding Audrey...

Audrey has anxiety, which makes it hard for her to do normal things like go out of the house, or even making eye contact. Her brother Frank, seemingly oblivious to this, invites his friend Linus to their house. Linus, being unaware of Audrey's condition, tries to strike up conversation: making her feel normal and loved. The two form an unlikely friendship, but could it be more than that? Can Linus help Audrey's anxiety for good?

This book was amazing: it was absoloutely incredible! You can tell I loved it because I used a semi colon just to emphasise how great it was! I could honestly have read it all in one sitting. I…

My 2016 Favourites!

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my 2016 favourites! It's been 21 days since last year, but it feels like only yesterday that I was counting down the seconds. In the world of politics, celebrities and, well, pretty much everything last year wasn't too great! Personally, my 2016 was quite good! There were a lot of things I loved throughout the year but I've condensed this post into just nine . If you look back through the archives, most of these things will probably have been mentioned, but I thought I'd put them all together! After that very long intro, let's get started...

Cosmopolitan- Before this year, I would really only read Vogue. That was literally the snobbiest sentence ever but it's true! Then, in Mayish, I picked up Cosmopolitan and absolutely loved it! The articles are fantastic; they write for the average person; Inge the beauty editor is sooo nice (I met her at Clothes Show and it was fantastic!). Seriously, just pick up a copy!Prison Break- Moving straight on to…

What I got for Christmas 2016...

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my very delayed 'What I got for Christmas!' I probably should have uploaded it a while ago but I had a post re-written from before Christmas up to now. If you really want to see late, come back next week for my 2016 favourites! But let's stop thinking about the future and look to the past... here's the highlights of what I got for Christmas!

1) A New Ukulele! - I got my first ukulele last Christmas but really got into playing it during summer. My old ukulele was red and pretty cute but my new one is beautiful. It's a dark brown wood and the sound is amazing! It has a much fuller sound and I am in loooove!

2) Timberlands - Those boots are so good! I really liked my rip-offs that I brought from Primark a couple of months ago but I always wanted some real ones. I got them in a khaki green which I feel suits my personal style. I really love the original ones but the green just grabbed my attention!

3) Perfumes - Two amazing perfumes were under the tree …

Frozen Charlotte- Alex Bell: Book Review!

Hi Guys,
This is the 2nd installment of this seasons 'Zoella Book Club' reviews. I've been doing all of these in the past couple of months; feel free to catch up using the bar at the top. With that very short intro, lets get on with the review!
As always, I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum!
'Frozen Charlotte' is a book following a teen called Sophie. After being persuaded to use a Ouija board she tries to speak to her dead cousin, Rebecca. This results in the death of Jay (Sophie's best friends). To add to the terror, she has to go and stay with her Uncle and his creepy family. There's the scarred Cameron; Lillias, with a fear of bones; Piper is a little too good to be true; and of course, the Charlotte dolls!
This plot kept me terrified! I get scared so easily but this book took it to another level! I went through phases of fear, with some bits being just creepy and other parts making me too scared to go upstairs! I found it so engaging and wonderfully w…