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New Year's Resolutions... 2.0!

Hi Guys,

This will be my last post of 2016! How time flies! At the beginning of this year I was a nervous girl hidden behind a screen; although, I am still on your screens, I no longer feel hidden. My page views are insanely good and my confidence has hugely grown! Who knows, maybe 2017 will be the year that Runnerella's identity is finally revealed! 

Still in the mood of nostalgia, the start of this post will be a look back at last years resolutions. If I'm completely honest, I can't even remember what they were! So here it goes...

  • Post on Time- This post was written when I was still posting twice a week. It was so hard to keep up with everything soIi stopped doing that in March. Ever since then I haven't missed a week! Okay, that might be a slight lie but I am waaaay better then I used to be!
  • 5k in 28 minutes- Does anyone remember when I actually used to blog about running? My name suggests I still do, but my content is so different! Now I'm more focused toward fashion and lifestyle so have a look at my archive if you want to read a bit of vinatge Runnerella (you really don't, my writing style was tragic!). In case you were actually wondering, I can't even run 5k in 30 minutes anymore, never mind 28!
  •  Believe in Myself- That was such a cute resolution! I genuinely forgot I had written that! My last sentence proves how much I stuck to it, though! Self-doubt is still something I'm working on but I have improved so much on where I was at last year. It must have been a sub-concious change too, because I definitely wasn't thinking about it!

Okay, now we've finished with the look back section of the post, I'm going to move onto this years resolutions! I want this look back to be a yearly thing, so if you are reading this in 2018, go and check out what I had to say about all of this after a year! But, without further ado, let's get into it...

  • Get Better at Intros-:If you are here pretty often, then you'll know how bad I am at introducing my posts. I just find it really awkward! How do you manage to go from saying hello to a piece of serious journalism (if you are here pretty often, you will know that that's a blatant lie!)? I'm hoping that by 2018 I'll have a strategy to make my intros slightly less terrible!
  •  Do Pilates- This is really random; it is something I want to do! Blogilates is my favourite Youtube channel so I'm hoping I'll pick up a thing or two from Cassie. She's so cool! Also, her Instagram is amazing, which brings me onto my next resolution...
  • Take more photographs- I've been really into editing photos for my Instagram so I'm hoping that 2017 will be the year it takes off. My phone has an amazing camera so I'll be able to get some great pictures from that. Is it too ambitious to say I'm hoping for 1000 insta followers by 2018? (Go follow me!!)
  • Keep Up My Bullet Journal- For Christmas, I was given a really nice notebook, which I decided to turn into a bullet journal. From then on, I've been totally obsessed with all of the beautiful bullet journal Instagram accounts! I'm not artistic so mine will definitely not be as cute but I'm going to give it a go!
This has got to have been one of my favourite posts! If you liked it, tell me in the comments; tell me your New Years Resolutions too! Don't forget to add me to your Circles on Google +. Would it be crazy if I said that I wanted to be at one thousand followers here too? Tell your friends about me! See you all next year!

Thanks for Reading


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