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Wonder Woman: UN Ambassador?

Hi Guys,

Today I'm going to be uploading a post that I've wanted to do for a while. A couple of weeks ago - admittedly on Googlebox- I found out that Wonder Woman had been made the UN's honorary ambassador for women's empowerment!

I just want to start of by saying that I am a huge DC fan! I have read about 1000 comics and I actually loved 'Suicide Squad'. On that basis, you would think that Wonder Woman's new role would thrill me. To a certain extent that's true; that's just the surface. As I've said DC is the franchise that invented Wonder Woman. The operative word there being 'invented'. As much as it pains me to say it, she is fictional! Is it really appropriate to use a made up person as an ambassador for an organisation as big as the U.N? There are lots of amazing real women out there who definitely deserved the chance!

Bringing me on to my next point, is having a character as an empowerment ambassador a good thing? If it was a 'women's life goal ambassador' or a 'women's appearance ambassador' probably not! But the whole point of it is empowerment! Having a kick-ass female figure is amazing! Normally it's men who are the hero but having a woman take control of the situation is so motivational! I know that Wonder Woman isn't real but that doesn't mean that being hero can't be an aspiration! When girls lead a situation they're called bossy or controlling but when a boy takes control they're powerful and smart. I think that it is amazing for young girls to have a role model that portrays 'being bossy' as Wonderful! 

Finally, some morons brought up the point that, 'wonder woman can't be empowering because she wear a leotard!' 

First of all, since when was it acceptable to judge someone on the way they look? As human beings, we should all be 

building each other up, not tearing one another down because of the way we dress! Secondly, being a feminist is not about knitting your own jumpers and having an avid twitter account. I consider myself a feminist but I don't fall into 

those stereo-types! Finally, what isn't empowering about watching someone save the day in a star spangled leotard and massive boots? I personally believe that it spread a message 

of body confidence!

Based on points you can probably tel that I am all for Wonder Woman being the UN Ambassador for women's empowerment. Being fictional doesn't mean that the effect she has had on millions of girls is also made up. Feel free to make up your own mind about it and tell me in the comments! Also, add me to your circles to get updates when I upload a new post!    

Thanks for Reading


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