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My Christmas Gift Guide!!

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the first of my Christmas posts! I'm already ridiculously excited and there is still 29 days to go! Today I'm going to be giving my gift suggestions for anyone who needs help with their gift giving. Obviously, Christmas isn't all about the presents but it's always nice to give someone a gift that you know they will love! That was a super long intro so lets get into the actual post!

£5 or less...

1) Sleek Mini Matte Me 4 set: I have this on my list because this set looks amazing! For anyone who doesn't know, liquid lipsticks are meant to be the next 'thing' (Thanks to Kylie Jenner) so these are perfect for the makeup lover in your life! The only thing I will say is that they have been sold out online and are impossible to find in store. Let's just hope that they get restocked soon!

2)Impulse Body Spray Mini Cracker Gift Set- Rock and Love, Why Not and Very Pink are all included in this adorable set. The best part about it is that it is currently on offer for £4. Things like this are always great to split up to make a gift basket, too, so head over for Superdrug to find loads more like this! 

3) Arcatia Mechanical Pen- Paperchase have a whole section on their website devoted to Christmas. There is even a section for gifts under £5! Who doesn't think that this pen is adorable? Finding presents for your stationary obsessed friend has never been easier!

£15 or less...

1) British Rose Beauty Bag- I have heard absolutely amazing things about this fragrance so when I saw it in store I knew that it had to been included! It comes with a hand cream, shower gel and body butter: all for £10. My other favourite scent is mango; if you aren't a rose fan, check that out!

2) Mindfulness Colouring Book- Colouring has blown up recently: it's not just for 3 years any more! I am the worst person ever at staying within the lines so whatever I colour normally ends up looking more I like a giant squiggle! Saying that, I do find the whole process very relaxing.  

3)PUSHEEN Paint Party Nail Collection- PUSHEEN is the cutest thing ever! I was having a browse of the M&S website when I came across this nail set. Not only are the coulours great, it's PUSHEEN themed! For anyone who isn't aware of PUSHEEN it's basically the cutest cat ever! 

20 or more...

1) Clinique 'Happy Couple' Christmas Gift Set- I'd never really been an expensive perfume person until earlier this year. 'Daisy' by Mark Jacobs was definitely a favourite, until I went back and smelt it last month and just didn't like it any more! I really love 'Happy Heart' because it reminds me of being on holiday! This set comes with a miniature of the perfume and a body lotion; all for £25!

2)Pale Blue Converse- Getting someone shoes for Christmas can be a big risk! You have to know there size, coulour preference and if they have ones that are similar! Saying that, it would be great to wake up to an unexpected pair of shoes under the tree! If you want to surprise someone close to you this year, get them these amazing Converse!

3) Too Faced Chocolate Bar Trio- I'm too cheap to buy myself one of these palettes, never mind three! They are all so beautiful! My favourite is definitely the bon bon but if you got this set you wouldn't have to pick! Although it would set you back £82.45 just imagine the beautiful Instagram shots you could get!

Congratulations, you have finally reached the end of this insanely long post. Double congratulations if you got through it all without buying anything: you have stronger will power than me! If you would like to give another gift, add me to our circles. It's completely free but means the world!

Thanks for Reading


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