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My Hair Care Routine!

Hi Guys,

Today I am going to be doing my hair care routine! I've been debating whether or not to write this post for a long time because I wasn't too sure if anyone would want to read it; I decided to do it anyway! With that, let's get on with the blog!

Okay, first off, let's start off with Shampoos! As part of a duo, I used to use 'Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp'. I stopped using this quite recently because I didn't think it was very effective. I do have dandruff and at some points it can be worse than others. Recently it's got a lot worse and I just didn't think that the Tresemme shampoo was good enough for the job.

For that reason I swapped over to 'Alpecin Dandruff Killer Shampoo.' It has the least attractive name and the ugliest bottle but it had the complete opposite effect on your hair. I have never loved a shampoo more! The actual product comes out bright blue, which I really love! That sounds crazy, but I find it so much more fun then just plain white!

Moving onto conditioners, I am currently using 'John Frieda Dream Curls'. I first bought this about three months ago and really didn't like it. I thought it made my hair look a little frizzy: I recently went back to it. I've been using it for the past couple of weeks and this time am enjoying how my hair looks. 

The conditioner that I was using whilst I went on my little John Frieda hiatus was varied between the 'Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp' conditioner and 'Pantene Smooth and Sleek' conditioner. Both have roughly the same effect (oddly!) but I think that my favourite had got to be the Pantene one purely because my hair is way easier to braid after I've used it; I do love a good braid!

 Hairsprays are kind of a tricky one for me- not because there's too many- because I can literally never be bothered! My hair is so thick that it kind of holds itself in place. Also, I really don't like the way hairspray feels so I just tend to leave it. If I have put any on though, it will 'John Frieda Frizz Ease'. I used to use VO5 Ultimate hold but I really didn't like how set in place it made my hair feel: it literally felt like rock!

When I'm straightening my hair there are two things I like to use. Both of these are by Tresemme and the first is their 'Keratin Smooth 7 Day System Heat Treatment'. I use this before I straighten my hair and it keeps it a lot straighter than normal! On the advert it says that it'll keep your hair straight between washes which is completely false; I still like it!

Whenever I don't use that, I'll use a heat protectant. My favourite is the 'Tresemme Heat Defence Spray'. It does what it says and minimalises damage! What could be better than that? Obviously I can't talk about hair without giving a shout out to my GHDs. If you don't have any you need to get some! 

I like a couple of other random bits and pieces too! One of these is the 'Ogx Argan Oil of Morocco'. I have had this for about 2 years and I still haven't managed to use it all! To be honest, I go through phases of liking it. I feel like it's especially useful when you haven't washed your hair for the while and the ends are starting to look a bit dry. I realise how gross that sounds but it's true!

I have now reached the end of- probably- the longest post in history! I really hoped you enjoyed it! If you did, add me to your circles to see more!

Thanks for reading,


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