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1 Year of Blogging - A letter to my future self!

Hi Guys,

Today is an exact year since my first post went up! I cannot believe how fast it has gone. I struggled to think of something that would encompass the whole of a year; I decided to write something for the next one! This letter is not to be opened until 3rd of October 2017...

Dear Runnerella,

How's you're year been? Did it go as quickly as last time? This year was insane! I swear it's only been a month since last October! Wait, no, make that two: one for Christmas and one for my birthday!

Have you joined any more social network? This year you got a blog, Google+ and an instagram- @runnerella_ - (#shameless self promo!) which you are very active on. How many times a week do you post? Up until March (I think!) you posted on Wednesday and Saturdays; now you're just onto Saturdays. 

The reason I stopped posting on Wednesday was because most of the posts that went up mid week were terrible! I didn't get enough time to properly think about them and it was so hard getting enough ideas to go twice a week! Uploading on just Saturday (although this is going up on a Monday!) means that I can focus on everything I upload and can write bits of it all through the week. What days did you upload on this year?

On to a more personal note, what's going on with your sister? Is she enjoying uni? Which one did she end up going to? This year has been a mix between wanting to get away from us or wanting to stay with us so the student debt doesn't pile up. Either way, I'll be taking over the big room! I guess that I've got a lot of work piled up now that I'll need more space for. Why are you reading this... Why aren't you doing homework?

I'm pretty good at studying, though. Apart from maths. We're only a few weeks through the school year and I'm not particularly liking it. Do I end up liking it, or does it stay this easy and boring? Also, how's philosophy and ethics? I get so stressed out during the lessons but I really enjoy the course. I'm excited to move on to the next section because it's Buddhism and (fun fact!) if I was any religion I'd want to be a Buddhist! 

Finally, have you told anyone else about your blog? So far my family and three friends know but that's it. I'm not embarrassed by this, I just don't want to go public with who I am! I started this blog anonymously and when I finish- whenever that may be- I hope I still can be. 

Maybe one day I'll tell all of my internet family who I am but for now I'll stay Runnerella.

Thank you all for reading. This year has been one of my favourites. Here's for the next one! I hope you are all having a fantastic day and please add me to your circles. I'm going to figure out a goal for the year so the more of you that follow me, the better my chances of reaching it will be! All of your support means the word.

Thanks for Reading


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