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The Sky is Everywhere-Jandy Nelson: Book Review!

Hi Guys,

Today is the 7th part of my 'Zoella Book Club' review series. This is the penultimate part! I am sure you are all familiar with the format of these posts (if not catch up with every installment at the top!) so I'll just get started!

As always, I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum!

'The Sky is Everywhere' follows 16 year old Lennie. Her sister- Bailey- has recently passed away, shaking up Lennie's life completely. The sisters' mother is a 'wander' who abandoned the girls as a baby; it is Gram and Big who have to cope with a grief stricken Lennie. Somewhere in the mourning, boys come into the mix! Between Toby, Bailey's fiance, and Joe, new boy in town, Lennie starts to wonder if the end of Bailey's life was the start of her own!  

I thought that the plot of this book was amazing. The way it was intertwined with poetry gave it such a literary feel! As you probably know, I'm not a big fan of sad books so going into this I didn'…

Last Minute Halloween Looks!

Hi Guys,

It's that time of year again where people dress up as cats and ask strangers for sweets. I'm talking about Halloween! I have a bitter disliking for it, too. Since when was Halloween a holiday? To be honest, I've been in Christmas mode since September! Sadly, I didn't think I could miss a Halloween post, though. For all of the last minute Halloweeeners, here are some easy costume ideas!

1) Forest Fairy/ Goblin/ Creature!- Okay, this was my top notch costume last year and it was super easy. All you have to do is whack on a skirt and a colourful top (I'd recommend pink or green) and you're good to go. If you want to take it up a notch, apply some pink/ silver eye shadow and a lot f highlighter. To take this look to expert level - something I never managed to accomplish!- get an empty kitchen roll tube; scrunch the end of it together; secure with masking tape; paint it pink. You have your very own wand! 

2) Secret Agent- This is definitely minimum effort. Fin…

My Hair Care Routine!

Hi Guys,

Today I am going to be doing my hair care routine! I've been debating whether or not to write this post for a long time because I wasn't too sure if anyone would want to read it; I decided to do it anyway! With that, let's get on with the blog!

Okay, first off, let's start off with Shampoos! As part of a duo, I used to use 'Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp'. I stopped using this quite recently because I didn't think it was very effective. I do have dandruff and at some points it can be worse than others. Recently it's got a lot worse and I just didn't think that the Tresemme shampoo was good enough for the job.

For that reason I swapped over to 'Alpecin Dandruff Killer Shampoo.' It has the least attractive name and the ugliest bottle but it had the complete opposite effect on your hair. I have never loved a shampoo more! The actual product comes out bright blue, which I really love! That sounds crazy, but I find it so much more fun then…

Beautiful Broken Things -Sara Barnard: Book Review!

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the 6th installment of my 'Zoella Book Club' review series. If this is your first time on my blog (welcome!) this is a series which I use to review all of the books shortlisted for Zoella's WHSmith book club. I have been working my way through them all for the past couple of months so if you've missed any of my previous reviews take a look at the bar at the top! 

Just another disclaimer, I checked 'Beautiful Broken Things' out of my local library! Checking a book out of your local library is a great way to read new things without the cost. Sadly, the government has found libraries an easy target for funding cuts; as of March, 343 libraries closed; 111 closure were planned; 25% of librarians jobs were lost. It really disgusts me that the government are trying to get rid of such an amazing service so please go down to your local library to show how much they mean to us!

Anywho, let's get on with the review. As always, I will try to keep spoil…

1 Year of Blogging - A letter to my future self!

Hi Guys,

Today is an exact year since my first post went up! I cannot believe how fast it has gone. I struggled to think of something that would encompass the whole of a year; I decided to write something for the next one! This letter is not to be opened until 3rd of October 2017...

Dear Runnerella,

How's you're year been? Did it go as quickly as last time? This year was insane! I swear it's only been a month since last October! Wait, no, make that two: one for Christmas and one for my birthday!

Have you joined any more social network? This year you got a blog, Google+ and an instagram- @runnerella_ - (#shameless self promo!) which you are very active on. How many times a week do you post? Up until March (I think!) you posted on Wednesday and Saturdays; now you're just onto Saturdays. 

The reason I stopped posting on Wednesday was because most of the posts that went up mid week were terrible! I didn't get enough time to properly think about them and it was so hard getti…