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How Blogging Has Changed My Life...

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my blog! There are now officially 100 of you which I am ecstatic about! This post has been made to commemorate this amazing achievement. I know that my last sentence  could sound really big headed but it was a group effort. All of you were the people who made this happen so, first and foremost, I want to say thank you! With all of your help I am one step closer to becoming a journalist.

That is the first point I want to make. One of the ways that blogging has affected me is that I have built up an immense portfolio. Before this, I used to much prefer fiction writing but now I am equally as passionate about both! Also, having this much of my writing in one place makes it really easy for the future. All of this will help me to one day become a journalist because it means that; I get experience every week; my writing is already seen by a lot of people; I have gained a lot of skills.

That fluid transition is leading me on to my skills! Blogging has made me a lot more employable. I know that it is pretty early for me to be thinking about things like that but it is something that I can bring forward with me. People with a good grasp on technology are automatically more wanted. Before I started blogging I struggled to figure out itunes! Now I can understand everything on my laptop!

Finally, the people! I have made so many connections with people through my blog. I love it when you guys comment because it makes me feel like I've gained a friend. Following and supporting someone's journey is such a wonderful thing and being able to contact people from the push of a button is amazing! I have made some great contacts with other bloggers and I am excited to say that next year I am going to try and collaborate more!

That is everything for today. I would just like to say another big thank you to everyone who has added me to their circles. I want to be 125 by the end of this month though so tell all of your friends about me! I hope you are all having a great day!

Thanks for Reading


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