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Body Image...

Hi Guys,

This week I will be covering more of a serious issue so if you are looking for my normal content please go throughout the archives at the side!As you can guess from the title I will be talking about body image so if you don't want to read this please come back next weeks! But, for now...

The models in Topshop. I know that this is already a widely spoken about topic but having recently been into the shop I was, yet again, disgusted. This is a store which sells clothes starting from a size 4 and stopping at 16; the shops main customer is teens. For that reason, I understand that the bodies of the mannequins need to be a certain shape to appeal to the shoppers.

Just writing this makes me feel horrible but I know it's true. Since when was seeing clothes on someone half your dress size and double your height appealing? Probably, since I was born. For years supermodels have dominated the media. They are the people who sample sizes are made for because they can make anything look good. But come on, how many people actually look like that? Do they even look like that? On the cover of Vogue, maybe, but Photoshop was invented for a reason!

Please do not take this as a vendetta against slim people: I'm a size six/eight. I just think it's disgusting that the 'ideal body type' being portrayed is unattainable. The mannequins are so slender and tall that they aren't a real clothing size. Just looking at them took my breath away for all the wrong reasons and I just wanted to share these felling where I know they can be heard.

The message that I am trying to get across is to love your body; it is perfect. No matter what other people, or mannequins, look like your body is the one to concentrate on. If you are slim that's great! If you are curvy that's great! Tall, short, hourglass, pear, rectangle: it's all amazing! Please do not compare yourself to societies ideal body standards... they are not real. It's all just smoke and mirrors.

I hope that you are all having a great day! I am delighted to say that I now have an instagram which I am aiming to post on twice a week. To honour the blogs that I used to do on Wednesdays, I will be uploading to my story on that day! Make sure to follow me @words_with_el. Also, add me to your circles to help me get to 125 follower by the end of the month!

Thanks for reading,


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