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Back to School Tips and Tricks!

Hi Guys,

Today is the final installment of my back to school series! If you still haven't bought all of your school supplies (wow, this is last minute) follow this link; if you would like to see what'll be in my school bag this year take a look at this link! Today's post will be my top 10 tips for making the back to school season even better! 

1) Have alarms all over your room!-- I normally have no trouble waking up for school, but if you do, this trick is great. If you put your alarm (it can be on your phone, clock, whatever you have!) somewhere out of reach, you'll have to get out of bed to turn it off. Once you're out of bed you will automatically be feeling more awake!

2) Set your time table as your lock screen! -- This is the most modern tip ever but it genuinely helps you to remember your next lesson. My theory is that because I'm always on my phone the lessons are sub- consciously going into my brain so after a couple of the weeks I can go back to my Prison Break screen saver! If it doesn't help you with the memorisation process it's still just a handy way to check your time table without having to evacuate the contents of your bag looking for it!

3) Don't make a huge effort with your appearance-- I saw this tip on a Clancy Burke video and realised how true it is! Nobody is intimidated by the person who looks absolutely over the top and is trying way too hard: they all look at the person who looks great without trying! What is more intimidating then seeing a girl who looks great with minimal effort? I think the more natural you can make your hair and makeup for the first couple of days, the better you can look.

4) Make breakfast the night before-- Most people feel like they're running out of time in a morning so having a pre-prepared breakfast is a great solution. To be honest, I normally have cereal but if you are in the mood for some fruit, or other time consuming foods, just whack them in your fridge and you'll be good to go the next morning!

5)Make a lot of notes!-- I am predicted a really high grade in science but I find it really hard to get the first time. Even when your teacher hasn't said to be making notes, I always find it helpful to go for it anyway: in the end, it's your education so you know how to learn best! I can read my notes back afterwards and it helps make everything a whole lot more understandable.

6) If P.E is your first lesson bring a plastic bag!-- This has got to be the most simple hack ever but it's a life saver. My teachers like to randomly spring cross country on us so having a bag to put your muddy, gross trainers in just means you won't get the dirt all over your other clothes! Also, one of my friends told me that if you forget socks you can wrap a plastic bag around your foot and use that a sock! I have not tried this and probably never will!

7)DON'T use Google Scholar-- Everybody has heard that Google Scholar is the fastest way to find real facts; I find the things that come up are often too technical. If I go on websites with - possibly- less reliable information I can fact check and I know I will be able to understand the language they are using!

8) Bribe yourself-- This works best for revision when you're feeling especially unmotivated. I get really anxious about exams so I can literally revise anywhere but a lot of people find keeping on track really hard. Some people use sweets at the end of each page but the best method (in my opinion) is to have breaks. Do 15 minutes revision and 5 minutes rest and every four cycles give yourself a 10 minute break!

9) Ctrl F-- If you are on your laptop or computer and are looking for a certain word just hit ctrl and f! A little search bar will appear for you to type in and all of the words relating to what you have just typed will come up!

10)When you've finished writing an essay copy and paste it into Google translate-- A lot of people recommend doing this and I think it's pretty cool! Basically, if you're too tired (or can't be bothered!) to read everything you wrote this hack means you can listen to it! Copy your essay into google translate and select to translate it into English! The voice will then read it out so you can identify any spelling or grammar mistakes!

I hope you enjoyed all of these back to school life hack, I would love to hear your opinion on them in the comments! I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has followed me because I now have 100 followers! I will be doing a post about this next week but I just wanted to mention how overjoyed I am by everybody's support; it feels amazing!

Thanks for Reading



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