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What's in my School Bag?

Hi Guys,

Today I'm back with a 'What's in my School Bag!' This is part of a back to school series that I have launched on my site: the first post was a Best Buys. That post featured a couple of the things that I will be speaking about today! I'm aware of how long this intro already is, so let's get straight into it!

First off in my bag is my planner. My school gives us all a planner at the beginning of the year which is great because it helps me keep organised. Everyone else uses theirs to doodle in but I always keep mine tidy. I spilt juice on it last year and almost had a melt down! If you don't get provided with a planner, Paperchase do some good ones.

Next is my pencil case. I spoke in a lot more detail about this in my previous post so follow the link at the top and you can find out all about it. Inside I've got pens, pencils, my ruler and a pink glue stick!

Also in my back pack is a notebook. I didn't have a specific school notebook last year; I really wanted one. My friend had a subject divided Pukka pad but mine is just from Tesco. They come in lot's of different colours so I chose one of each! 

Next up, I have my toiletry and makeup bag. Last year I had them both in two separate bags but I realised how ridiculous that was! Also, the zip fell off of the bag that I used for my body spray, hairbrush, etc so I had to buy a new one. This one was £3 from Primark and definitely won't get lost in my bag because it is bright silver. Another thing that drew me o it was the lightening flash on the front because it reminded me of David Bowie! 

Continuing into the depths of my bag is my umbrella. Whenever I forget to put it in my bag, it always rains! It is so typical; in the end I just decided to keep it in here all of the time. I had to buy a new one for this year though because my old brolly literally snapped. It was crazy! P.S, sorry about how stupid this picture is: my camera was refusing to pick up the colour when I was inside!

Finally, I have two things! I have my phone and locker keys in the same pocket and I can't do anything without them. I have promised myself that I will utilise my locker more this year because I gave myself serious back ache from carrying my bag last year! Obviously I can't do anything  without my phone: I'm addicted to Instagram!

Thank you so much for reading this post and as always your support means the world I am still on my mission to reach 100 followers by September 1st so add me to your circles to give me a boost before I'm back at school! 

Thanks for Reading


  1. I really like your pencil case! cutest thing ever.
    great post girl!
    wishing you all the best,

    1. Hi Ayele,

      I love this pencil case so much because it reminds me of another adorable one I had when I was little! Thank you so much for reading this post and commenting; I love talking to new people! Hope you're having a great day! xx


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