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July Favourites!

Hi Guys,

I know that this post is two days late but I have been in Cornwall. I was still thinking of you all though; there will be holiday posts up as soon as possible. For now, let's get on with the favourites.( P.S sorry the font is so small, it kept glitching whenever I tried to make it bigger!)

Carly Christman- Her aesthetic is perfect. Carly has the best loft/apartment ever and it is so beautifully designed. I didn't even know her channel existed until about 3 months ago: now I am the biggest fan ever. I have literally been back through and watched all of her vlogs! Also, Instagram goals (need I say more)

Nakd bars- I honestly can't explain how amazing they are! I love chocolate as much as the next girl but these bars take my love to the next level! They have no sugar, are suitable for vegans and don't contain any gluten. I don't really mind what the ingredients are- as long as it tastes good- but Nakd is doing something right... they chocolate ones taste amazing!

Listerine total Care Mouth wash- Apart from one horrible incident where I swallowed it, this moutwash is great! I love the feeling of having minty fresh teeth and using it after a meal makes me feel reassured that I have no sugars secretly attacking my teeth. I sounded like a dentist then! The general moral is that dental hygene is good and using this mouthwash makes it feel 10 times better!

MCRX- Need I say more? If you don't know what this is -don't worry, everyone else doesn't much either- My Chemical Romance released a video on their Facebook page with MCRX written on a flag; at the end of the video was the 29th of September 2016. I am so excited! (edited after writing- it' just a re-release of 'Black Parade'. I really wanted a tour!)

That's all for this month. Remember to add me to your circles because I want to have 100 followers by September 1st!

Thanks for Reading


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