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'Fangirl'- Rainbow Rowell: Book Review!

Hi Guys,

Today I will be giving you my third instalment in my 'Zoella Book Club Review' series! I have now made a full page dedicated solely to the series so if you have missed any please check that out. For now, let's get on with the review!

As always, I have tried to keep spoilers to a minimum!

Fangirl's main character is Cather Avery, a freshman at an American University. Her twin, Wren, has been seeking independence from Cath, and their joint Simon Snow obsession. The book is focused on Cath's 'college' experience; making friends with a fellow author, Nick; dealing with her new room mate Reagan; figuring out what to do without Wren; and discovering that she and Levi have a much closer connection than thought. 

I really enjoyed the plot. I thought it had plenty of strings but not so many that it gets confusing. I loved growing with Cath and her relationships because it made the book so much more engaging. I also liked how the 'boy meets girl' factor wasn't overplayed; the book gave a lot of scope on Wren and Cath's relationship.

Character wise: it was fantastic! Everyone was so loveable and I found all of the relationships to be very realistic. There were ups and downs in all of the friendships  which made me so much more invested in the characters! I have to say though, I did not care about Simon and Baz! The interludes of fanfiction- though small- were a bit distracting from the story. At some points I did just have to skip it so I could get back to the main story! I think that just shows how engaging the plot was, though!

My only criticism is that they shouldn't have mentioned Harry Potter!!! Simon Snow , a multiverse made up for Fangirl, is very similar to Harry Potter mentioning Harry just ruined the illusion. Now a separate 'Carry On' book (which I loved) has been released so you can see the differences between the universes! 

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