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Back To School: Best Buys!

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the first post in my back to school series! This post will be all of my favourite bags, backpacks and books to get you in the mood for school. 


1) The first back pack is my personal favourite: it's the one I will be using in September. It was made by Vans - which means it's also super sturdy - so has one of their signature beautiful designs. One of my favourite features is the secret pocket which I will definitely be using to put my phone in!

2) My second choice is the 'Tan Pouch Shopper Bag' from Primark. It is huge! I was browsing through their website (which unfortunately you can't buy from) and found this! I love how it has a detachable gold purse;  sequins are definitely having a moment! I feel like this bag will be the perfect size for folders.

3)Finally I have the not-so classic Topshop back pack! I was on their website when I came across this metallic beauty! I'm not too sure about the size but if you are willing to use your locker a bit more this is perfect: look how sparkly it is!!

Pencil Cases

1) Yet again the first thing I'm talking about is the pencil case that I bought! It was £6 from Paperchase and I'm so happy I found it. I like cases that have two big compartments and one small section: this one fills those requirements! I use one side for my pens, ruler, etc and the other for my highlighters! As well as having a cute design, this pencil case is adorable!

2) Next up is this super cute dinosaur case form 'Ohh Deer'. Their instagram is so cute so when I was looking for a pencil case with no pockets I went straight to them! When you look in just the pencil case section, most of them are quite 'gimmicky' so I took my time choosing one that I think everyone would like ; you have to have quite a specific sense of humour to like the others! If you are looking for unique stationary, the 'Ohh Deer' website is the place to go!

3) My last choice for the Pencil case category has got to be my favourite! This isn't the one that I have bought because I like cases with 3 pockets but for everyone who's fine with one compartment this case from Gabriella Lindley's Primark range is definitely for you! It's lilac with gold writing (how cute!) and is only £4! 


1) (I know that not all schools allow whatever type of shoes you want so I have made all of these black.) For the last time, my first choice is the one I own! When I was looking for shoes I was sure that what I wanted was Doc Martens but after trying them on, I realised that the way they were made didn't fit my feet! I then went on to look for ones similar and found these! I will definitely not be wearing them with the tassels; it's not my personal style. I love the T-Bar though so will definitely be having that exposed!

2) As previously mentioned, I really love Doc Martens so they were my decision for the next pick! I went for the classic shoe: it has a twist. This edition is suitable for vegans which is amazing! I aren't a vegan but I know a couple of people who are. It's great that manufacturers are starting to see that this lifestyle choice is a very viable market!

3) For the last selection of the post I have gone for something completely different. These patent pumps are from New Look and are gorgeous! I don't trust myself to wear patent shoes - within two days of my old shoes I had scuffed the toe! - but if you are less clumsy then me: these are perfect. I love how sleek they are and I bet they would be great in Summer!

Links: Bag 1

That's it for this post! It was so enjoyable to make so I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it! Tell me in the comments what your favourite item was and I will definitely reply! Also, don't forget to add me to your circles do I can reach 100 by September 1st!

Thanks for reading


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